Collection: Men’s and Women’s Turquoise Rings

Real turquoise jewelry rings have long been considered sacred and used by indigenous peoples in the Americas. At American West Jewelry we honor this turquoise jewelry legacy with all 100% real silver turquoise rings set with genuine turquoise stones.

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Genuine turquoise rings have long been considered sacred by indigenous peoples throughout the Americas. With its distinctive turquoise color, this brilliant stone was thought to promote good health, protection and bountiful harvests. Traditionally, Native American turquoise rings and other turquoise jewelry pieces have been used in ceremonies and even traded as a form of currency. At American West Jewelry, our generational Turquoise Ring Collection honors this turquoise jewelry legacy with 100% pure sterling silver turquoise rings set with genuine turquoise stones. 

Turquoise Rings for Women and Men

Western turquoise rings are exceptionally versatile. They can be dressed up or down to complement trendy, formal or casual looks. You can wear just one for an eye-catching statement piece, or stack them on multiple fingers for a luxurious boho look. They’re also popular among both men and women. You’ll find men’s and women’s turquoise rings here in a wide variety of sizes and styles so everyone can find the right sterling silver turquoise ring for them. No matter which one you choose, you can trust that your ring was designed in the American WestAmerica and handmade with care.

Give Someone Special a Sterling Silver and Turquoise Ring

A turquoise stone ring makes a beautiful, meaningful gift for a friend or family member. Celebrate a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary or graduation with these turquoise women’s rings and men’s rings. They come in lovely decorative gift boxes with descriptive insert cards, and all orders over $100 are shipped free. Shop all our rings to find a wearable work of art for everyone on your gift list.