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Bright red coral announces your presence and signature style in a unique and exceptional piece of natural stone jewelry. Our Coral is environmentally obtained from non-endangered approved areas.

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Not only does red coral jewelry provide a burst of natural color, but our red coral pieces boast unique designs meant to reflect your individuality. All of our red coral jewelry uses one-of-a-kind stones that are certified by the Gemological Institute of America. Everything in our store is authentic Southwestern jewelry, made with sterling silver and gemstones from around the world, designed in our Albuquerque, New Mexico studio. Everything we offer, from red coral rings to silver coral pendant enhancers, meets our highest standards of quality.

Red coral jewelry is highly appreciated because it reflects the magnificence of this natural stone. Coral represents the ability to allow for flow and change in one’s life and quiets the emotions. Protects and strengthens one’s emotional foundation. Originates from the Mediterranean. When examining gemstones in a red coral ring, red coral necklace or red coral stone earrings, remember that each stone's color, pattern and surface are unique. Red coral stones are not viable to reproduce, making each natural stone more visually attractive and valuable.

Whether you've fallen in love with a pair of red coral stone earrings, a coral cuff bracelet, or red coral stone bracelet, you won't find any two pieces that are exactly the same. Our artists make each item by hand using real stones and sterling silver, so every piece is a unique treasure.

A red coral necklace makes an ideal birthday present, or you could opt for a red coral ring or pair of earrings for a special anniversary. Some of our most popular artisanal jewelry designs include our coral stud earrings, red coral Western earrings , coral dangle earrings, red coral stone bracelets, red coral necklaces and sterling silver coral earrings .

Can't decide? All of our orders over $100 ship free, so you can buy several pieces of red coral jewelry. Red coral is associated with vitality, wellness and mental focus, so you can never have too much of it in your life. Browse the collection of red coral gifts at American West Jewelry and place your order today.