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The Spirit Stone Collection features animal-inspired pieces that embody the power of the wild through genuine, hand-carved gemstones. You’ll find a delightful array of animal spirit jewelry at American West Jewelry.

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Using motifs inspired by Native American animal symbols, spirit animal stones represent the primal power within you. Our collection includes spirit animals like horses, foxes, birds and butterflies. Our animal spirit jewelry is available with such a wide selection of animals, gemstones and designs, you'll find something to suit an equally wide scope of personalities and styles.

The designs in our whimsical animal jewelry are inspired by the animals, plants and celestial bodies native to New Mexico, keeping us ever mindful of our connection to Mother Earth.

Whether walking across the desert in late summer, surrounded by wildflowers and fleeing critters, or taking in the splendor of a harvest moon, there is a closeness to the Creator that the Spirit Stone Collection captures. You'll find this sense of closeness embodied in spiritual pendants and pendant enhancers, spirit stone necklaces, spirit animal bracelets and other spirit animal jewelry.

All of these signature animal designs celebrate the energy of the desert. The color of stones range from soft blues to fiery reds, the bold and the delicate dancing together in harmony, just as life is prone to do on earth. We source the highest quality materials to use in our Spirit Stone Collection and all pieces are designed in Albuquerque NM, USA with sterling silver and genuine gemstones from around the world.

Each piece in our Spirit Stone Collection is full of spirit, adventure and story, making it a standout addition to your personal collection. Experience the warmth of red coral, cool blue lapis lazuli and earthy green malachite. Every piece in our Spirit Stone Collection also makes a great gift for birthdays, graduations and holidays, perfect for anyone looking to make a deeper connection with a spirit animal. Free shipping is included on orders over $100, so order the jewelry that speaks to your spirit from American West Jewelry today.

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