Collection: Black Agate Jewelry

The black agate pieces from American West Jewelry have a deep, dark natural color that makes a remarkable statement. Black agate is a blending of energies for strength and protection. Enhances organizational abilities and stabilizes. Provides endurance, productivity, happiness, strength, and confidence. The astrological sign of Virgo. Originates from Asia, Australia, North, Central & South America.

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Black Agate Properties

Like many gemstones, black agate is associated with certain metaphysical properties. What is black agate’s meaning? In some traditions, it is thought to represent a blending of energies, offering strength and protection. Black agate stone is also thought to enhance organizational abilities and provide stability, promoting endurance, productivity, happiness, strength and confidence. In terms of its physical properties, black agate is very hard and scratch-resistant and has a beautiful natural luster. The stone originates from Asia and Australia as well as North, Central and South America.

Create Your Ideal Black Agate Necklace

This collection includes black agate pendant enhancers. These pendant enhancers don’t come with a chain or leather cord included, which means that you can purchase one separately or use one you already have. Put them together to make a custom black agate necklace that’s sure to draw compliments. You can also give one as a meaningful gift to someone special in your life. Each piece of American West jewelry comes ready to gift with a lovely gift box and informational insert card, and qualifying orders over $100 ship free.