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There's only one way to make sure you truly stand out from head to toe, and that's with an anklet from American West Jewelry. Our Southwestern ankle bracelets come in a range of sizes and styles to make just the right statement you're going for. Anklets make extra-special gifts!

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Are you forgetting something? While it’s easy to remember to put on a statement necklace, eye-catching bracelet and head-turning earrings, it’s also easy to forget about the anklet. With the gorgeous anklet choices at American West Jewelry, we’re betting you’ll never forget again.

Ankle bracelets provide a dash of unexpected charm in a place that’s not always remembered – or even paid attention to. Give your ankles a reason to smile with the selection of Southwestern anklets designed for optimum style.

Like all the jewelry in our collection, our anklets are Designed in America from sterling silver and gemstones from around the world. And you’ll find a stunning array of genuine gemstones from which to choose. Yellow jasper and red jasper are in the lineup, as are rhodonite and blue lapis lazuli.

Each stone carries its own special meaning, bringing even more allure to your anklet. Yellow jasper is a stone of protection and discernment, while red jasper brings focus and strength. Blue lapis lazuli is known as the truth and friendship stone. Rhodonite is associated with love and compassion.

You’ll find these dazzling gemstones in our anklets, either strung along the sterling silver chain or as dazzling charms. Choose from a yellow jasper bee, a red jasper ladybug, a blue lapis lazuli dragonfly and rhodonite butterfly. Can’t decide? Why not get one of each to start your own personal collection?

You could also opt for one for yourself and another for a friend. Our sterling silver anklets make terrific gifts for birthdays, holidays, Mother’s Day or simply to say you’re thinking of that special someone. Browse the collection of sterling silver and gemstone anklets at American West Jewelry and place your order today.