Newsletter: Carolyn & QVC on Labor Day Weekend!

Newsletter: Carolyn & QVC on Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day Sales on QVC are always the best to kick-off Fall

Labor Day Weekend with Carolyn on QVC! Your spicy Southwest fashion is ready for new jewelry from Carolyn. She will be bringing more Spiny Oyster for the warm Orange of the Sunrise. Picture Jasper is the gem of the Yellowstone landscape. And, the Best of the West tan shade for Fall. Pink Rhodonite too, the grown-up Barbie color is so pretty for a Sundown on the Town. Electric blue Chrysocolla will brighten your day and be lovely for an Ooh la la Evening. And, the Night sky will welcome Blue Lapis with sparkling Pyrite for the gorgeous glam you Love! 🏜️

These 5 Big Deal Necklaces will be the Star of your Show 

A perfect Sterling squash blossom paired with a pear-shaped gem. It sits fixed in the center of a Native Pearl beaded necklace. A classic to lasso in the ombré. Fashionestas will be layering it with their Squash Blossom necklaces. We have designed this necklace for the perfect accent to your decolletage, desert diva! 

Big Deal Necklaces:".product.J427614.html?sc=NAVLIST

Labor Day Weekend

You asked for it, just the Naja pretty please! 

Carolyn has delivered for Labor Day Weekend by offering a Naja enhancer, from the very popular Squash Blossom design. Share your love and luck with this crescent-shape of Sterling from the New Frontier. This Western design is ready to wear short as a chic choker. Or, long on a chain or beads to show off your colorful wrap and concho belt. Gorgeous deep-green Malachite is one of many gems. So pony up to your rodeo-ready or garden-party silhouette. 


labor Day Weekend Blues

Are you ready for matching Rings & Bracelets for Labor Day? 

Yes, and wow did we deliver! Powerful statements to get you noticed, Cowgirl. Rope our Rings & Bracelets in new designs for the 3-Stone and large gems for the 1-stone beauties too. I spy a  two-feather turquoise ring that will look divine with your Fritz Casuse Turquoise Prayer Feather.



Big Deal Necklace kicks off the holiday of shows! 

Saddle up for the Big Deal Necklace today, on Sept. 1st Friday 11am ET. Carolyn will be on again Saturday at 5am ET, this may be a replay. Next, get your brunch picnic ready for watching on Labor Day Monday 10am ET and 1pm ET on the Q! Always remember to check your QVC Program Guide to see Carolyn in the studio with great hosts again. Watch online and DVR to watch again!


Happy Trails, Laura ~Your Personal Shopper Stylist 

Next week:  A recap of the Labor Day Weekend QVC Shows, so unbridle your legendary looks by styling with new American West Jewelry from QVC:

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