AWJ Newsletter: Gemstones ~ Southwest Favorites & More

AWJ Newsletter: Gemstones ~ Southwest Favorites & More

A journey to select genuine Gemstones

American West Jewelry by Carolyn Pollack is known for our variety of genuine gemstones. We offer more than the Southwestern trio of Coral, Shell and of course Turquoise! I just had a request for more pinks and purples, so we will be on the hunt for you, our beloved collectors. In fact, the Tucson Gem Show is later this month. I can't wait to share the pics from Carolyn & Bill from the Arizona event! So let’s give them a “Rock Hound” shopping list and explore more about some of our favs in this newsletter. 🏜️

Coral and Turquoise together

Coral: Shades of salmon pink to deep red, it’s a treasure from the sea 

Coral was originally a gift from the Mediterranean reefs. Think of the ebb and flow of the ocean, it represents the ability for peaceful changes in one’s life. Coral is said to protect and strengthen one’s emotional foundation. While our collection of Coral jewelry is growing, check out Orange & Red Spiny (shell) and Leopard, Picture & Red Jasper (gem) to light a fire with the warmth of a sacred fortune from the Great Spirit! 🔥

Decorative Bezel Gemstone Jewelry

Orange & Red Spiny is from a shell, the spiny side is colorful and sometimes includes a Purple hue! We will be on the lookout for that passionate purple jewel tone. Spiny shells have been used in Southwestern jewelry since prehistoric times. It is perfect for intricate inlay designs. Shells symbolize the life that flourished in the mystical oceans, far away from the desert Southwest. It was common to trade gems for shells. And, shells can be found in the Desert Southwest since it was originally part of the Great Ocean on Mother Earth.

Carolyn Pollack with Monique

Leopard, Picture & Red Jasper are comforting, nurturing and protective stones that ground you to Mother Earth. We are wild about Leopard Jasper, your Animal prints never looked so good! Have you added this spotted Jasper beauty to your suite? Truly your Picture Jasper gem is a one-of-a-kind picture of the Southwestern desert. Picture Jasper can be found all over the World, with colors and patterns that are unique to that landscape. The earthy reddish-brown Red Jasper is found in Asia and North & South America. Jasper is a perfect gem to start off the New Year with a sense of healing and well being. Enjoy  the warmth of the colors of the Southwest, you will be modeling the Land of Enchantment! 🐆

Mother-of-Pearl & Abalone: Shades of shell color from white to golden to pinks, plus the iridescence of abalone, another gift from the sea. 

Shells are so interesting with a fingerprint of color from the beach from where it originated. From colorful Abalone from Australia to pastel Shells from the South Pacific you will enjoy the gift from the Great Oceans. Celebrate your loved ones with June birthdays with this favorite birthstone. Abalone is believed to increase longevity…while shells may absorb the bad mojo and strengthen you. While our collection of shells is growing, look at gorgeous Green Malachite and California’s finest White Howlite, commonly referred to as White Buffalo for its similar beauty.

Malachite Squash Blossom Necklace

Malachite with bands of minerals running through the green gem is magical. It is known as the creative stone, with deposits from black to white to highlight the beauty. It may encourage your artistic side. Those born in May enjoy Malachite as its birthstone. Malachite is found in Africa and North & South America. It is a gorgeous green gem that will make your elegant evening, one to remember! 💐

White Howlite Jewelry

Howlite has a striking white background perfect now for your Winter White wardrobe. It is especially mysterious with minerals running through it, in shades from gray to black. Howlite is the Zodiac sign of Virgo and also said to be a calming stone for the wearer. A white gem is so easy to wear year ‘round, so include Howlite in your next collection of AWJ!

Turquoise Gemstone Jewelry

Turquoise is the first recorded stone in history to be used as a Gemstone! 

In the American West, turquoise was traded as currency among the Pueblo Indians. In Native American lore, blue turquoise is referred to as the Sky Stone, representing the eternal heavens, the life-giving sun and renewing rains. Green turquoise is referred to as the Earth Stone. According to Navajo legend, the sun was created from a piece of turquoise, the moon from a piece of shell. Turquoise is the December birthstone. Turquoise has been said to provide mental relaxation, confidence and balance. It originates from North, South & Central America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Mother Earth loved it so much that she put it almost everywhere for us! Turquoise is synonymous with the Southwest and we celebrate it with our Western style. Turquoise looks great on everyone! 🩵

Carolyn Pollack Route 66 and Turquoise Jewelry

Lapis is a gift, like the  heavens, the beautiful night sky with pyrite minerals for stars! 

Our love of the Southwest gems is rounded up with the lasso of Lapis and Denim Lapis. The deep blue of the Lapis gem can range from navy to royal blue. We included it in our popular Patriotic Jewelry collection, you loved the USA style! It is known to open up the heart and mind to love and beauty. Now, let’s also get more casual in our denim jeans and throw on the blue gem of Denim Lapis. We are thankful for calcite inclusions to make it perfectly Rodeo ready! Another beautiful inky blue as Carolyn calls it, is Sodalite, we can’t keep the Sodalite Spirit Bird in stock, you love it so much. 🐦

Genuine Gemstone Jewelry

We want to Shop for Gems for You, our valued collector, what are you wishing for? 

We know you love to match and we do our best to bring the colors and fingerprints of Mother Nature to you. Know that it is real, it is truly your genuine piece to coordinate with another unique piece that will be a Southwestern masterpiece in jewelry! 

We hope that you will reach out to us by email or by posting in the comments on Facebook, so we can add your wishes for Gems to our legendary jewelry! 

Happy Trails, Laura ~You Personal Shopper Stylist

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