AWJ Newsletter: Carolyn & the Big Deal Jewelry was full of Colorful Gems!

AWJ Newsletter: Carolyn & the Big Deal Jewelry was full of Colorful Gems!

Carolyn with Mary Beth on QVC was a perfect match for the Big Deal & More! 

The colorful, genuine gems of the Beaded Necklaces, matching Bracelets and Enhancer Pendants were just what you have been asking for! Jewel tones to brighten up your Spring style with the Southwest Sterling vibes. Adding the flower of the desert Native Pearl, with the Ombre bead so you can add an Enhancer, takes it to a statement necklace suite. Let your style show with the colorful gems from Mother Earth, your beads will be a one-of-a-kind beauty!  🌎

QVC Big Deal on Beads!

Carolyn and the Big Deal Jewelry Gemstone Collection

The glamorous graduated beads show that you love a look that is more refined. And, you can layer with both lengths and the extenders offer the flexibility too. Carolyn looked great layering it with the graduated Native Pearl Necklace, no rules in the Wild West! Your look will be enhanced by the natural Gems & Sterling, so saddle up while the Big Deal is still available!  🐎

Big Deal Necklace with our Multi Gemstone Cluster Enhancer

Let’s start with lovely Lapis, the heaven stone to elevate your Blues. Charoite for your royal shade of passionate Purple. Malachite for the rich striations of gorgeous Greens. Amazonite is your aqua Blue-Green best friend and so calming cool. Last but not least is rockin’ Rhodochrosite for your pretty in Pink gem, that is like a bowl of strawberries and cream! With this round up of gemstones, you will be ready for your Night out on the Town! But, I’m seeing “Hurray going fast” so shop soon so your new treasures are on the way to you!  🏜️

Romantic Firelight with Genuine Gemstones and the Bid Deal Necklace

We’ve got more to look forward to, so round up your jewelry buddies and get ready for Carolyn’s AWJ shows through Presidents Day. The classic Cluster design in new gemstones that she teased is a must see. The pictures are beautiful but the QVC presentation will be even better. And, when you get it home, you will be amazed at the craftsmanship. Oh, and there is a Friendship Necklace and Bracelet in so many gems that you will be layering it like a Pop Star! Did you see the new graduated front facing Sterling Native Pearl Hoop Earrings…Wowza! So check your Program Guide to make sure you are ready to see what Carolyn has been designing for you! 🩵

Howlite Squash Blossom Naja Enhancer on the Big Deal Necklace

Look for our Southwest Critters: Bear & Turtle, Feathers, Najas, Squash Blossoms on Leather and the Night & Day Ring, so clever…you will be ready to blaze the trail to our legendary jewelry to set your style for Spring!  💐

Happy Trails, Laura ~Your Personal Shopper Stylist 

PS: Let us know what you are excited about!

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