AWJ Newsletter: Carolyn’s new Designs are Sterling treasures!

AWJ Newsletter: Carolyn’s new Designs are Sterling treasures!

Carolyn really brought the Southwest vibe to QVC in colorful Gems! 

The beloved, traditional Cluster design was reimagined by Carolyn. Bringing it to you, in new striking vibrant colors of the Southwest. Thirty-three gemstones, prong set in Sterling, the circle of life in the desert! From the featured center gems of blue-green Chrysocolla, white-gray Howlite, spotted Leopard Jasper & pink Rhodonite, you are lucky to still have 2 of the 4 available in the Pendant Enhancer. Also, she brought the perfectly matching Cuff and once again, gallop over Gals it is selling out fast. 🐴

Southwestern Vibe with Chrysocolla Gemstones 

The Rio Grande River & the Sandia Mountains are near and dear

Carolyn was excited to share more about her hometown surroundings. In her new collection the Rio Grande River comes alive! Featuring the river in blue Turquoise with Green & Smoky Quartz to represent the riverbanks, a Sterling masterpiece. The river comes to life as it makes its way through Albuquerque’s Old Town. And, she followed up with the presentation of the Sandia Cuff and Ring. It is always so interesting, it’s like you are climbing to the top with her and Bill! With the watermelon Spiny Oyster mountain along with Turquoise blue sky and Picture Jasper to represent the rocks, we are walking through the design with her. 🏜️

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Albuquerque New Mexico, the Heart of the Southwest
RioGrande Ring and Enhancer

Friendships are so important, like the Southwest rope pattern

The new Friendship “Smile” Necklace with the new one-size sliding adjustable Bracelet was oh so loved in multistone, so go for the single gems of Lapis and other Spring gem colors. You will put a smile on their face when you give this to your friends and family. You will enjoy layering it, see it in the pics with the big Beads and Enhancers! And, the Leather Necklace with the Squash Blossom is so Cowgirl Ready, last check Lapis & Howlite are in stock! Let your style show with the colorful rocks from Mother Earth, your gems will be a one-of-a-kind beauty on you!  🌎

Carolyn in Studio at QVC with the Naja Necklace
Carolyn’s new Designs are Sterling treasures!

Show off your Wrists & Hands with Sterling style

Aren’t you glad to see Carolyn’s Hinged Cuff come back in Southwest style? The ease of wearing it and the “kiss” of the gems coming together on the top of your wrist. Also, the easy stretch bracelet of gems to go with your Big Deal beaded necklace, we know what you want to show off! And when you want to go big, go for the oval gem Cuff with 5 large gems from blues to greens to pinks to purples, make a stunning statement on your wrist! 💝

Sterling treasure Squash Blossom Necklaces

Rings were a big part of the QVC Shows too. Celebrate the new frontier with the stackable Friendship 3-Stone rings, also known as the past-present-future design. The double-row ring with gemstone Concha flower design was adorable for all ages. The pear-shaped gem rings, that are really a sacred Raindrop Symbol, Carolyn is bringing it to you in bracelets and earrings too. 💧

Wear your Heart on your hands with American West jewelry
Carolyn in Studio at QVC with Sterling Treasures
Glamour Gals and WOW girlfriends the new post-hoop Earrings You MUST Have!
Carolyn's New Designs are Sterling Treasures 

Lasso your Night & Day Ring of night-sky blue Lapis and day-sky blue Turquoise. It is perfect to show your love of the American West on your hand. So let’s travel to the Southwest in American West Jewelry everyday…as we wear the casual elegance of a one-of-a-kind beauty, like you, our valued collector. 💞 

Happy Trails, Laura ~Your Personal Shopper Stylist 

PS: Do you see jewelry in our pictures that Carolyn didn’t present? Stay tuned for Gem Day in March with Carolyn in the studio again at QVC! 

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