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Our American Western jewelry reflects the heart and soul of the West, where every design is lovingly imagined and each handcrafted jewelry piece comes alive. Western jewelry is more than a style at American West Jewelry - it is a way of life.

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Showcase your adventuresome spirit and undeniable style with the eye-catching Western jewelry from American West Jewelry. Each piece in our collection is designed with loving care in New Mexico, where the sky is endless and the soul runs free. Capture this essence with our Western bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants and pendant enhancers, and Western rings.

One of the most admired stones takes center stage in our Western jewelry collection: the beloved turquoise. Representing hope, good health and good fortune, the turquoise has long been cherished. It's also been worn as a stone of protection, making it the perfect gift for your partner, children, parents or others you want to stay safe. Gift Western turquoise jewelry for the holidays, or as an extra-special birthday, anniversary or just because present.

While Western gemstone jewelry is certainly a staple, turquoise-colored stones aren't the only genuine gemstone s we use. You'll find a selection that includes red coral, spiny oyster, amethyst, carnelian, garnet and jasper. Additional choices include topaz, howlite, quartzite, malachite, blue lapis lazuli and the much-loved mother of pearl.

Some pieces let a single stone sing, while others combine two or more stones in head-turning designs. Sterling silver is at the foundation of our jewelry designs, serving as a gorgeous backdrop for the stones or standing alone with intricate details.

Our pieces are designed in the U.S. with genuine gemstones from around the world and recycled sterling silver. Using recycled sterling helps protect our environment, while sourcing gemstones from around the world helps to ensure we gather only the best for our use.

Whether you're shopping for yourself or a special someone, you're apt to find that perfect something that makes the ideal match. Choose from our range of Western bracelets, Western earrings, Western pendants and enhancers, Western rings and necklaces. Browse the extensive collection at American West Jewelry and place your order today.