Newsletter: Let’s embrace a festive Fall ~Southwest style!

Newsletter: Let’s embrace a festive Fall ~Southwest style!

Autumn in the Southwest

Festive Fall Southwest Styles! The change of seasons brings a welcome chill to the New Mexico nights after a mild, sunny day. The burning of the pinon wood in the kivas says it’s time for colorful shawls. Jewel tones and leather are making a Western comeback. Your suede is ready to dust off and freshen up the fringe. What are your styling secrets that make for a Festive Fall? 🧡

Festive Fall Southwest Style!

Jewel-toned green Malachite & pink Rhodonite Naja enhancers:

Jewelry is the exclamation point to take your Southwest up to stunning. And, after a hot Summer, we are ready to layer on the beauty and warmth of genuine gems. The shine and ombré of the Sterling will give you just the right sparkle on a moonlit night. The casual Denim Lapis gemstone is your ticket for the next hayride or white blouse dinner date. 🌻

Festive Fall Squash Blossom Naja Necklace

Strike a pose in this Denim Lapis Squash Blossom Naja Necklace:

I’m always asked…

“What is Carolyn wearing?” and she is curious about you too. So let us know, so she can get inspiration from you! We will thank one of you with a prize! Please enter by posting on Facebook. An entry in the Comments is fine and dandy. Please tell us and show off with a picture, your AW jewelry style. And, since you asked, Carolyn shops for her stunning clothing at Boot Barn: search Idyllwind by Country Star Miranda Lambert, Double D Ranch for those Jackets and Target! So now you know her secrets, what about yours? Cowgirls & Cowboys from all over the USA!?! 

Festive Fall for Cowboy Fringe Jackets!

Shop for your Festive Fall AW jewelry statement at QVC:
Space Cowboy Jacket from Double D Ranch:

Pumpkin spice is back! And, I think of Carolyn’s vintage Diane Von Furstenberg jacket in this gorgeous shot! Did you know that the Fritz Casuse Arrowhead is back in stock? Now's your chance, perfect for a campfire under the stars or movie night. 🔥

What could be more warming, than the Tonal Leather with Earthy Gems Necklace:

This Festive Fall style of Squash Blossom is back and available only in the mysterious white with gray matrix Howlite, a lovely addition for your suite as well. A reminder to get it, it may be out of stock soon, like Unakite pictured. Fun fact: Carolyn’s green stucco casa is the lovely background, she loves to talk about how she had to get permission for the paint color!

Blaze your trail to Festive Fall of Southwest Styles  

Carolyn is so pretty in rusty Autumn hues, she loved bringing the Vintage inspired Enhancer in pink-green Unakite, also in green-blue-brown Chrysocolla:

You loved her Squash Blossom in Red Onyx, it sold out. What about getting your wild-side on with Leopard Jasper, check out the video of Carolyn wearing it during the presentation:

And you ask about hats too: Charlie 1 Horse Hats and the Summer Blue Ombré straw hat was from Target! 🤠

We are thankful for you and as we begin this Festive Fall season of “Thanks” know that we appreciate you! Again, we want to see You, now that you have your new jewelry from QVC! So pretty-please, show us your AWJ style with pictures in your comments on Facebook. Don’t be shy and I will do my best to ban the bandits that want to befriend you.
We will thank one of you with a prize!

Happy Trails, Laura ~Your Personal Shopper Stylist 

Next week: Stay tuned, I may be cooking again! And, what do you want to know more about? 💙

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