Newsletter: National Hispanic Heritage Month, a culture rooted in the Southwest!

Newsletter: National Hispanic Heritage Month, a culture rooted in the Southwest!

Did your ancestors come from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean or Central & South America?

For more than 50 years the USA has celebrated National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15). Thirty days of honoring the traditional cultures and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans. American West Jewelry by Carolyn Pollack embraces the legendary lore of centuries-old Hispanic, Native American and Western pioneer heritage!


Hispanic Heritage Month!

Classic Turquoise Cross Enhancer (pictured above) is back in stock:

The sun in the Land of Enchantment rises and sets in vibrant orange-yellow rays. The days are filled with puffy clouds in the Turquoise sky. Reminding us of the colorful Folkloric dance and the fiery Flamenco music. Also, the exuberance of the Mariachi musicians to liven up your day and night. Carolyn and Bill are always there, supporting the Spanish Markets, at the historic Santa Fe Plaza. The colors are reflected in our genuine gems and shells from Mother Earth. 🌎

Gemstones for National Hispanic Month

On your visit, be sure to try the spicy culinary delites. It’s time to roast the peppers grown in Hatch, New Mexico, the crops of green and red chiles. Next, explore meaningful artwork in tin and wood paintings of Santos and Retablos, ready to decorate your casa. Also, experience the quiet of the adobe Missions, hundreds of years old, still standing throughout the American Southwest. 🏜️

National Hispanic Month Carolyn at the Spanish Market

Carolyn at the Traditional Spanish Market at the historic Santa Fe Plaza in July 2023. 

All about the Naja, a symbol from the Spanish explorers

The lives of Native Americans and the Spanish were forever changed. Intertwined by the missions that stretched across what is today the American Southwest. The Spanish taught Native Americans many trades, including ranching, farming and silversmithing. It was the Spanish who brought the Naja symbol, as an adornment on their horses’ bridles. The Native Americans gave the naja its name, which is Navajo for “crescent” shape. They embraced it as a symbol of beauty and love. It is open at the bottom, a sign to share the spirit of the naja with others. We say luck too, like the Spanish horse that was giving good luck to all! 🐴

National Hispanic Heritage Month

Naja Necklace and Red Chili in the Garden

Our new, lovely Naja Enhancers:

A glorious Statement with multiple Najas Necklace, please go to QVC to see this beauty and watch the video of Carolyn presenting it:

 Spirit Horse Enhancer

Our beloved Spirit Horse Enhancer is back in stock in all 4 gemstones:

From the Missions to the Cross of Christianity 

With the introduction of Christianity and the building of Spanish missions. Also, came the importance of the cross to Native Americans. They incorporated Christianity into their native beliefs and traditions. The cross is an important adornment to Hispanic culture as well as Native American. Also, a symbol of faith to the Western pioneering settlers. Our designs include the cross in the repoussé style, to push forward the metalwork. The beautiful design includes a Spanish-style Heart with Hummingbirds surrounding the Cross. The “hidden” enhancer bail is covered with a carved Mother-of-Pearl cactus blossom, so sacred to the Southwest! 🌵

Truly a beautiful Spanish-inspired Heart, including a Cross, Hummingbirds & Cactus Flower Enhancer, clearance priced, see video of Carolyn presenting it too, from her home in New Mexico:

We celebrate the contributions of Hispanic culture, in shaping our Southwestern lifestyle with National Hispanic Heritage Month! Find a celebration in your neighborhood:

Happy Trails, Laura ~Your Personal Shopper Stylist 

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Next week: Find out more about Squash Blossom Naja Necklaces, a must-have statement from the Southwest!

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