Newsletter: Take a Trip to the Indian Market!

Newsletter: Take a Trip to the Indian Market!

Surround yourself with Native American Art & Jewelry!

The Santa Fe Indian Market year 101 presented by SWAIA (Southwestern Association for Indian Arts) was a memorable event in 2023. The beautiful blue-turquoise New Mexico sky welcomed warm weather to bring out a big crowd. The art, jewelry, pottery and weaves were amazing to behold. And the rain dances were for entertainment only this year!

Carolyn and Bill took many pictures, so we can experience it too! It all started with a night out to Geronimo’s for dinner. Carolyn kicked up her blue boots and her sassy Space Cowgirl look from Double D Ranchwear. And, a perfect statement Orbital Necklace by Veronica Poblano, Zuni. Ooh La La to the Moon and back! 🌚

Santa Fe Indian Market with Carolyn PollackSanta Fe Indian Market Jewelry


The next morning friendly folks gathered around and enjoyed a tribal dance, please go to Facebook to play the video:

Santa Fe Indian Market Tribal Dance


Friends and winning Artists at the Santa Fe Indian Market 

First stop to see the work of their good friend Kathleen Wall, Jemez Pueblo. Her playful art is always cheerful and colorful. She earned the cover of Native American Art’s Official Magazine of the 2023 Santa Fe Indian Market.

Next up, Carolyn spots the blue ribbon for Weaving. Of course she got the full story from TahNibaa Naataanii, the beautiful Navajo weaver. Her work is truly a masterpiece in Southwest color and style. The wrap is looking good on Carolyn, as everything does! 🧶

Santa Fe Indian Market Prize Winner


It’s always a treat to meet collectors of our treasured brand: American West Jewelry by Carolyn Pollack. Like, Carol from St. Louis, who made the trek this year. They were so happy to meet her and her husband Bob. Carol looked great in her Squash Blossom and prairie-style skirt.

Carolyn modeled some of our favorite Native Designer’s original works, Fritz Casuse, Cody Sanderson, Kenneth Johnson, Jolene Eustace and Estella Loretto to name a few. Over the top? Never, says Bill! And you can see her love of the sacred artistry in her smile!

Meeting up with our long-term associate Alexander Montoya is always a must. He is now with Galerie Zugar in Santa Fe and here he is with Carolyn, Bill and artist Shawndell, she and Carolyn talk techniques. Her paintings are rockin’ the Spirit Horse vibe! 🐴


Spirit Horse Leather Necklace:

On to Fritz Casuse, Navajo, Native Jewelry designer and sculptor. As you know, we partner with him to recreate his larger than life designs, on a smaller scale for you to treasure. We also have a video of Fritz explaining his Cowboy riding a Fish on an Octopus Ring. He created the design from a story with his beloved, late Dad. Also, see Carolyn’s Dragonfly ring, the spirit that is happy everywhere: land, sky and water.

Santa Fe Indian Market with Native American Jewelry Designer Fritz Casuse


Find your Fritz treasure here:

Now, let’s celebrate his son, Mosgaadace “Moss” Casuse and he won big this year! With top ribbons from both Gallup Intertribal and SWAIA. As well as commanding the front page on the local newspaper. Moss’ creations started at a young age. Carolyn has always been one of his biggest fans. This image of Moss with an early painting is displayed at the New Mexico History Museum in an exhibition titled Santa Fe Indian Market the last 100 years.

Moss is truly gifted and adorable as a budding artist at such a young age, now a young man!  

More exciting market meet ups with old friends of AWJ

 On to walk the historic Santa Fe Plaza to find the booths of others that we have partnered with: Kenneth Johnson and Cody Sanderson. It is always interesting to see what they have for the exhibition. There is also a video with Kenneth, about his award-winning art, see the blue ribbon on the art behind him? Bill got in the picture this time, as Carolyn said: The most stylish guys at the Indian Market! 😎

Cody Sanderson was a busy guy with collectors. Carolyn did her best to get in to see his creations in Sterling Silver. His star-design statement cuffs are a true work of art from the Southwest. 

Surprises and Traditional Dance Regalia at Market

There’s a surprise around every corner for Carolyn & Bill to see, and I spy Alexander Montoya too!

From contemporary to traditional, it’s all here and it’s the best of the West! The work and materials in the traditional dance regalia was truly outstanding.

Santa Fe Indian Market Native American Dancer Santa Fe Indian Market Traditions

Carolyn and Bill are blessed to be in the Land of Enchantment, semi-retired and always embracing Native American culture. We hope you enjoyed their stories in pictures of the Santa Fe Indian Market. An annual event that we hope you saddle up for, year #102 in 2024: dates are set for August 17-18, 2024, see you there pardner!

Cowgirls & Cowboys, would you like to see American West Jewelry by Carolyn Pollack? 


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