AWJ Newsletter: Recap of Carolyn at QVC on Memorial Day!

AWJ Newsletter: Recap of Carolyn at QVC on Memorial Day!

Carolyn brought new Designs to Celebrate 30 Years on QVC! 

The colorful Southwest horizon was on display with Carolyn in her gorgeous floral dress and Patriotic jacket, more to come about that stunner! The new jewelry is a celebration of Carolyn’s milestone of 30 Years at QVC. She brought the Southwest to this garden party so your Summer is Sterling!

Southwestern Horizon with Carolyn and her Patriotic Jacket

Have you ever laid your pretty eyes on a Concha like this one? It will send you over the Flower Moon with layers of Southwest symbols! In gems of cool-green jade-like Chrysoprase (shown above) and giddy-up golden Mother-of-Pearl perfect for June birthday presents! A marble-like mauve swirl of pink Rhodochrosite and always Blue-Green Turquoise for your trip to Santa Fe, Cowgirl ready style! 🤠

Orange Spiny and Green Chrysoprase, a Garden of Color

Did you catch the Big Deal Ring? If you’re reading this today, you can still get the deal $44.98 to bring home this new, unique East-West gemstone Ring! Gorgeous green Turquoise, the earth stone is also available, see other gems pictured here for you to gaze upon, like a flower from Mother Nature’s garden on your hand. And, be ready to layer on two, just like Carolyn did! 🌼

Recap of Carolyn at QVC on Memorial Day!

What have you been asking for? More PURPLE and we delivered with powerful Phosphosiderite, known for a young at heart vibe. So let’s wear it in good health and have the energy it brings to your look. And, wow does it pair well with orange Spiny and green Chrysoprase, hands down. 👏

QVC on Memorial Day with Orange Spiny and Chrysoprase!

What does Carolyn always bring for you, every year for 30 Years now? A new, exciting statement Necklace, with a Squash Blossom style, but let’s go with Concha’s, cowabunga! It’s perfect for your little black dress Country & Western chic or a Rock Star Texas Hold ‘em concert…blaze your Yellowstone trail with this masterpiece. The denim Lapis will top off your Fourth of July fireworks show, so get it coming to you today to celebrate the USA!🏴

Celebrate the USA for your Fourth of July Fireworks with Red, White and Blue Jewelry

What else can we bring to you, Cowgirls & Cowboys? Feel free to reach out, so we can make your dreams of the Southwest come true. It’s time to say so long…so you can shop for the jewelry you love. Round up your besties for the Horizon Saga, Americana heritage here we come dressed in AWJ. The sooner you purchase the sooner it can get to your doorstep, Missy & Mister. Make your Summer an amazing one with AWJ! 🌇

Here's a link to Recently On Air: 

Cowgirls & Cowboys showing Southwestern Jewelry Style

Happy Trails, Laura ~Your Personal Shopper Stylist 

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