All the Trends on the Horizon lead You back to American West Jewelry!

All the Trends on the Horizon lead You back to American West Jewelry!

AWJ by Carolyn is the Western trend we’ve been riding for Decades 

Doesn’t it seem that everyone is now on board to corral the original designer jewelry: Southwest & Western chic all around. The beautiful Gems & Sterling are on your horizon to discover the Wild West! Our naturally colorful, genuine gemstones are like a Sunrise & Sunset over the Land of Enchantment. Our legendary Sterling designs will bring gems to life. And, you will want to Texas Hold ‘Em close: sing it Cowboy Carter! Today the heavens opened up to a celebration of the longest day of the year. The Great Spirit & Mother Earth welcomed a party in the sky, the Summer Solstice!  🏜️

Southwest & Western chic, Beautiful Gems and Sterling Silver

Let’s welcome the sunrise with a cup o’ joe and AWJ news of 25% Off Summer Gems! Now we can dress up in shells of Orange Spiny and gems of Yellow Jasper. Let’s lasso a rerun of Yellowstone too! Gems that will wake us up to the hues of the mornin’. If the sun doesn’t shine in your neck of the woods, there’s always a Rainbow of gems at the end of the storm. 🌞

Sumer Gemstone Jewelry!

Gems of blue Turquoise, earth-like Chrysocolla and aqua Amazonite are bringing the calm to an afternoon of laid-back horsin’ around. Pony up to pink Rhodonite for your ride to catch the brilliant sunset. Bring on the Denim Lapis & Lapis with sparkles of pyrite for a starry night. Remember, there are no rules in the Southwest, so layer on your colorful fancy and show off your sassy! 🤠

Blue Turquoise and Aqua Amazonite Gemstone Jewelry

So Gals, giddy up for the longest day and the shortest night! Even a Strawberry Moon is ready to rise over Mother Earth tomorrow evening. The “hot-look” lunar moon will seem like you can reach out and touch it, signaling it’s time to pick the sweet strawberries. Just like selecting the jewelry you love, for a perfect day and night to bring the Southwest home… 🩵

American West Jewelry Sunrise Albuquerque NM

Thank you to Carolyn & Bill Pollack for the beautiful pictures of the sunrise and sunset over the Sandia Mountains, Albuquerque, NM, USA! 


Happy Trails, Laura ~Your Personal Shopper Stylist 

PS: Are you Western ready for the Kevin Costner films? Horizon: An American Saga opens June 28th. From the trailer, the Native American Indian will be true to sacred feathers, beads, shells and leather. I’m seeing some pretty jewels and petticoats on the pioneering women of the West. So let’s color our world with the gems that remind us of the sky, before the heavens open wide with a starry night. 🌌

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