Newsletter: Native American Heritage Month

Newsletter: Native American Heritage Month

Native Americans tell their stories through art

At the turn of the 19th century the Boy Scouts of America were asked to celebrate “First Americans” at the request of Dr. Arthur C. Parker, Seneca tribe. The National Native American Heritage Month of November was adopted in 1990. It has been a month of many celebrations across the American landscape. Honoring the traditional cultures and contributions of Native Americans. American West Jewelry by Carolyn Pollack embraces the legendary lore of centuries-old Native American, Hispanic and Western pioneer heritage!

Santa Fe Indian Market

Designs to direct your path and way of life

Discover the lore of the sacred Arrowhead, giving direction to your life. We honor this legend with the design by Fritz Casuse, Navajo. The hammered Sterling and gems of red Jasper and blue Lapis make this pendant enhancer perfect for your Fall & Winter wardrobe! The arrowhead is an artifact often found in The Land of Enchantment. The work of art in an arrowhead tells the story of the American Indian that created it. 🏹

Carolyn Pollack and Fritz Casuse at Indian Market

We have a bountiful of designs by Fritz Casuse at QVC for you! Including for the first time, a leather toggle Necklace with Sterling and Gemstones. The Leather Necklace is a match made in heaven for the Arrowhead Enhancer. And, many of your treasured pendants from American West Jewelry by Carolyn Pollack will rock it too. Native Americans depended on the bison or buffalo for food and they honored them by making leather hides as well. We lasso the leather to create Western leather jewelry to adorn you! 🤠

 Monique wearing the Fritz Arrowhead Enhancer

Designs that celebrate the critters on Mother Earth 

His works of art bring colorful gemstones to life, from the lovely Hummingbird Heart to the sly Snake, Fritz has a legendary design for you. This work tells a story, you can walk through it and experience the spirit of the Southwest.

 Fritz Casuse hummingbird Enhancer

We are so excited to have the Abalone Dragonfly Enhancer on our website. The iridescent color of the abalone shell with a Sterling flower featuring a gem of soft green Variscite. Fritz drew his inspiration from the dragonfly which is a symbol of life, purity and adaptability that reminds us to express our spirited style. The dragonfly also represents the male spirit, like the female butterfly spirit, so wear it proudly to honor the men in your life. The dragonfly is at home on the land, water and sky, wear it with pride and feel free! 🌞

 Native Pearl Sterling Silver Necklace and Earrings

Breaking News: We just added the beloved Fritz Casuse Crescent Moon Enhancer with Green Turquoise, here’s a link:

Fritz Casuse Native American Designer Jewelry

We celebrate the contributions of Native American culture, in shaping our Southwestern lifestyle. Back to the beloved Arrowhead, did you know that the National Park Service uses an arrowhead for their logo?

 National Park Service

Find out more there about Native American history from the National Park Service:

We are thankful for the Native Americans and how they continue to bless this land! 🏜️

 Have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday ~know that we appreciate you! 

Happy Trails, Laura ~Your Personal Shopper Stylist 

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