Our American-made jewelry reflects the heart and soul of the Southwest, where every design is lovingly imagined and each handmade jewelry piece comes alive. Southwestern jewelry is more than a style here; it is a way of life. Look no further than our Southwestern jewelry collection for the perfect gifts.

You can bring that way of life into your own life with any of the stunning pieces from American West Jewelry. Sterling silver and genuine gemstones add a special flair to our Southwestern pendants, rings, necklaces and bracelets. Shop the entire collection of our handmade Western jewelry today!

Feel the energy of the land!

From the free spirit of the Rio Grande Valley to the bold beauty of the high desert, American West Jewelry is designed and handcrafted in New Mexico, where Southwestern jewelry is as much a part of our heritage as the pioneering women who wear it.

Each piece of American West Jewelry is an homage to a centuries-old art form that was born right here in the Southwest. Every piece is crafted by hand with recycled precious metals and genuine gemstones that support our mission of protecting our land and culture – and sharing its many beauties with the world.

For centuries, the indigenous people of New Mexico have expressed themselves through jewelry. We are proud to be a part of this long legacy of jewelry making and to bring the spirit of adventure to all who wear it. Our collections honor the free-spirited individuality of this artisan culture with bold freeform elements.

Best Sellers in Southwestern Jewelry

The Southwestern jewelry at American West Jewelry carry a legacy that we are proud to be a part of  – and so will you. Every Southwestern ring, pair of Southwestern earrings, Southwestern necklace, Southwestern bracelet and Southwestern pendant or pendant enhancer will carry you away to the heart of the desert. The desert is where the sagebrush and juniper landscapes, red earth mesas and sprawling blue skies come together to inspire our handmade Western jewelry designs.The most timeless stone in the world plays center stage in our artisan jewelry. Representing good health and good fortune, the turquoise has long been hailed as a stone of protection and hope. You’ll find genuine gemstones in all of our Southwestern turquoise jewelry , and more genuine stones featured in other pieces in our Western jewelry line.

Experience the warmth of red coral, cool blue lapis lazuli and earthy green malachite in our line of Earth Spirit jewelry. Feel the calmness of black agate, the grounding of jasper, the clarity of blue so dalite, and the power of tiger’s eye and howlite. Sterling silver serves as the timeless foundation of our handmade Western jewelry, whether it’s coupled with a genuine gemstone or standing proudly on its own.

Protecting our environment is important to us, which is why we use all recycled sterling in our Southwestern silver jewelry. These unique and meaningful Southwestern accessories are the perfect Southwestern gifts for anyone who loves the freedom of the spirit associated with the American Southwest. Find the perfect pair of earrings as a birthday or Mother’s Day gift. Select just the right Southwestern necklace as an anniversary present. Give the gift of a Western cuff bracelet as a graduation or holiday surprise. Made in the U.S. with genuine gemstones from around the world and sterling silver, our South western-style jewelry is full of spirit, adventure and story. It is also an iconic addition to your collection. Explore our Native American Designer jewelry from award-winning artisans that include Jody Naranjo and Fritz Casuse.

Timeless designs, such as squash blossom and naja, are some of the most popular in our collection. But we also have unique designs with animal motifs, floral flair, and Western jewelry symbols. Our bracelets can be stacked or worn alone, as can many of our rings and necklaces. In New Mexico, there’s no such thing as too much jewelry!

Free shipping is another perk from American West Jewelry, as is a money-back, no-questions asked, 30-day return policy. Bring the spirit of the Southwest into your life with any of the stunning pieces in our selection. Browse the collection of Southwestern jewelry at American West Jewelry and place your order today.


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