Fashion for every finger. Touch the world in beauty with fingers full of wearable art. Our handcrafted sterling silver Southwestern rings come in a variety of sizes and styles for every kind of hand.

New Arrivals

American West Jewelry uses only the most exquisite stones, such as Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, red coral, and mother of pearl. Each gemstone is certified genuine and placed by hand into 925 sterling silver settings that are imagined and designed in New Mexico, USA. Unique Southwestern jewelry that is also generational. Find the stone that speaks to your heart, or give the gift of a truly unique piece of jewelry that carries a spirit all its own.

Some of our fan favorites include bold statement turquoise rings with a vintage flair, multi-gemstone cluster rings set with orange spiny oyster, green variscite, turquoise and blue lapis. Our special rings by our award winning Native American artists,Jody Naranjo, Fritz Casuse and Kenneth Johnson, feature animal, moon and dragonfly ring designs. Agate, jasper, rhodonite, and malachite all make a statement in earthy tones. Sterling band rings are beautiful on their own, but are also stackable ring options.

Adorn your hands in color with red, green, blue, and purple stones that carry the energy of the desert. Explore our heart shaped rings, star shaped rings, and our oval shaped rings accented with animals like the blue bird, dragonfly, bear, horse, turtle, fish, butterfly, hummingbird, and eagle. We also offer stretch rings, stackable rings, magnetic insert rings, and mens rings.

Start a collection and wear them all at once, or choose the stones that accent the rest of your look. These women’s and men’s rings make a statement paired with bold sterling silver cuffs, multi gemstone bracelets, and our American mined turquoise designs. All of our rings are handcrafted in the Southwest in our Albuquerque, New Mexico, studio, where we embrace the colors of our local culture.