Show your mom the love in the most exquisite way with the mother jewelry gifts from American West Jewelry. You’ll find an impressive range of pieces all made in the U.S. with sterling and gemstones from around the world. Jewelry makes the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or any time of the year. Free shipping on all our orders makes it even more fun to shop.

Thoughtful Mother’s Day Presents

Bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces are always top picks for Mother’s Day gifts, and you’ll find an array to suit a wide range of personalities. For some of the finest sterling silver mother’s jewelry, earrings are good place to start. Whether mom is a fan of sterling silver feathers or Sleeping Beauty turquoise and sterling silver najas, you’ll find a design that makes her smile.

Choose a pair of stud earrings featuring rhodonite or red coral in a sterling silver setting, or go for a set of earrings that include silver turquoise, amethyst and white agate. Opt for statement-making cuff bracelet for the outspoken mom or a sterling silver link bracelet for a more delicate touch.

Give mom a yellow jasper ring that easily takes center stage or a sterling silver blue sodalite spirit bird pendant enhancer. Our eye-catching pendants and pendant enhancers double as conversation starters, while all of our Mother’s Day pieces double as wearable art..

Mother’s Jewelry Styles

Moms with an earthy vibe are sure to adore our leather bracelets and beaded necklaces, and moms of every style are apt to fall in love with the genuine gemstones we use in our creations.

Turquoise is among our most popular stones, and it’s associated with good fortune and hope. Others high on the Mother’s Day list include rhodonite, mother of pearl and spiny oyster. Rhodonite is linked to compassion and love, while both mother of pearl and spiny oyster are associated with prosperity. And don’t forget the angelite, jasper, red coral, blue lapis lazuli and peridot..

Browse the collection of sterling silver mother’s jewelry and other pieces to find a Mother’s Day gift she’ll treasure forever. Place your order at American West Jewelrytoday.