Our american west heritage

New Mexico proudly—and rightfully—claims the oldest recorded history in what are now the United States. Indigenous peoples flourished here for centuries before the arrival of Spanish explorers and, much later, Anglo settlers. All have contributed from their cultures—women and men equally—to create the hearty blend New Mexico now offers. But it is the courageous women that American West Jewelry honors through our collections.

Millicent Rogers

The unique traditions and stunning landscapes of New Mexico have long attracted women of an adventuresome heart. Some are well known—while most remain unsung heroines. We recognize artist: Georgia O’Keeffe, patron of the arts: Mabel Dodge Luhan and Standard Oil Heiress style icon: Millicent Rogers, we celebrate her style here with Turquoise Bracelets.

All were possessed of a pioneering nature that drew them to the blue skies and sweeping vistas of the high desert. It is this spirit of quest and adventure that informs and inspires the artisans of American West Jewelry.

Millicent Rogers

We celebrate that glorious gift of individuality in every piece of jewelry we hand craft. Drawing on the diversity of our multi-cultural heritage we design and create artifacts that reflect our close connection to Mother Earth and the Southwest. And that respect and honor the spark of the free-spirited, emboldened women who wear them. We make them as art—long a way of life here.

American West Jewelry is on a journey of our own. A mission to create heirloom pieces that empower women, bonding them across all cultures and down through all generations—grandmother to mother to daughter. Jewelry that will live on in families and create a lore of its own. Jewelry that will be made in New Mexico by a growing studio of new artisans we are training to continue the ancient tradition of our ancestors. Legendary keepsakes from the Land of Enchantment.

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New Mexico True

Certified NEW MEXICO True. It is ONLY available to New Mexico companies raising, growing or manufacturing tangible products. 

100% Made in New Mexico – For products made or manufactured in New Mexico*. This does not require that every ingredient or component (such as packaging materials) used to produce the end product is sourced in New Mexico. Examples of potentially qualifying products for this Certified Logo include packaged consumer goods such as jewelry, soap, salsa and craft beverages.

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