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To create a new Wishlist or to start a Gift list simply click “Create a Wishlist” at the bottom of your current list(s)
Wishlist Giftlist
A new option will open where you can name your new list. Next select the level of privacy for your list. (you can now choose to make “private lists”, say you want to start looking for gift ideas you want to keep secret. OR make a new list to can share! OR keep your list public so your loved ones can search and find your new list to shop for YOU!
By default your new list will be empty and ready for you to start browsing American West Jewelry to start adding to your new lists!
Add to your new Wishlist
While shopping, if you want to add to your original list simply click “Add to Wishlist” as you normally would.
But if you would like to save an item to one of your NEW lists, “mouse over” the Add to Wishlist button and you will see your new lists. Simply click the list you would like to add to.
New Wishlist Giftlist Product Drop down