Summer Jewelry Trends

Summer Jewelry Trends are Here! With American Made Jewelry that takes you to the Land of Enchantment! Inspired by Vintage Style, the spirit of adventure and the casual elegance of Minimalist Jewelry with sterling silver and genuine gemstone American West Jewelry takes you where you want to go now and for years to come!

Jewelry that takes you to the Land of Enchantment. Join us for a New Mexico Summer in iconic pieces including Zia jewelry, charm bracelets, kachina jewelry and Native American Designer Jewelry. Rounding up the family for a rodeo? We have the perfect western jewelry. Visiting a national park or ancient ruins, check out our meaningful petroglyph jewelry. Hit the trail and explore nature in our Spirit Stone collection featuring animal and critter motifs. Get glamping in our casually elegant jewelry and show off that pedicure in our Ankle Bracelets. Keeping it simple this summer? Minimalist jewelry is for you! All American West Jewelry is Made in America from sterling silver and genuine gemstones. Necklaces, Pendants, Bracelets, Rings and Earrings.