Showcase your signature style with the natural stone jewelry from American West Jewelry. You’ll find a genuine stone in each of these brilliant pieces, with choices running from stunning black agate to white mother of pearl. Our natural stone rings and other jewelry make the perfect gift for that special someone — or yourself. All orders enjoy free shipping, so start shopping now.


In the American West, turquoise was traded as currency among the Pueblo Indians. Blue turquoise is referred to as the Sky Stone, representing the eternal heavens, the life-giving sun and renewing rains.


Howlite is commonly referred to as White Buffalo for its similar beauty. Stunning white stone with gray or black veins. A calming stone to help with patience and perspective. Zodiac sign of Virgo


Enhances spiritual development, brings mental clarity and emotional healing. Illuminates the mind and opens the heart to love and beauty. Denim lapis is the color of denim cloth due to calcite inclusions.


Enjoy your new, genuine gemstone jewelry. Know that it is uniquely Yours, no two gemstones are alike! Natural shells and gemstones will vary, it is Mother Nature’s fingerprint, on your unique piece to treasure.


Used in Southwestern jewelry since prehistoric times, as a base for intricate Inlay. Shells symbolize the life that flourished in the mystical oceans, far away from the desert southwest.


A comforting, nurturing and protective stone, that grounds you to Mother Earth. Jasper can be found all over the World, with colors and patterns that are unique to that landscape.


Believed to absorb negative energy, clarify feelings and emotions. Originates from Asia, Australia and the South Pacific. White MOP is the Birthstone for June!


Promotes a sense of inner calm, self-worth, peace, happiness, joy and laughter. Helps achieve your greatest potential. November birthstone. Originates from North America, Asia, Africa and Northern Europe.


Represents the ability to allow for flow and change in one’s life and quiets the emotions. Protects and strengthens one’s emotional foundation. Our Coral is environmentally obtained from non-endangered approved areas.

Nothing says sophistication and style like the natural gemstone rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings from American West Jewelry. They have the elements you need to make the most glorious statement, with eye-catching sterling silver settings embracing genuine stones.

Our sterling silver jewelry is handcrafted with love and care in the heart of the Southwest. And the genuine stones come from Mother Nature herself. Each stone’s color, pattern and surface are unique, something we humans couldn’t easily reproduce, making each genuine stone all the more attractive and valuable.

Whether you’re drawn to green or blue turquoise, pink rhodonite, picture jasper, red jasper, red coral, green malachite, white howlite or purple charoite, you’ll find the finest ring to catch your fancy. In addition to the head-turning styling, each piece’s gemstone comes with special meaning.

Symbolism of Natural Stones

Turquoise is linked to good fortune, while rhodonite symbolizes compassion and love. Jasper is known as a supreme nurturer, delivering relief in times of stress. Agate is associated with harmony and rebalance, while howlite is known for tranquility and stillness. Malachite is said to attract luck, and charoite is associated with transformation.

Select a single genuine stone to focus on a particular quality or color, or opt for a multi-stone ring, bracelet or necklace to combine the beauty of several stones in a single setting. Our natural stone jewelry all pairs perfectly with each other, allowing you to mix and match natural stone necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings with comparable colors and qualities.

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