Sterling Silver Women’s Strand Necklace silver bead and Green Malachite Gemstone Beaded 32 to 34 Inch

• 925 Sterling Silver, nickel free and hypoallergenic
• Naturally colorful Southwest-inspired Sterling Silver beaded necklace that features 6mm & 4mm silver beads alternating with 4mm green Malachite gemstone beads ending with an extender chain and lobster claw clasp.
• Enjoy your genuine gemstone jewelry. Know that it is uniquely Yours, no two gemstones are alike! Naturally beautiful, genuine gemstones will vary, it is Mother Nature’s fingerprint
• This exclusive necklace measures 1/4 Inch wide and 32 Inches long plus a 2 Inch extender and lobster claw clasp.
• Handmade in New Mexico, USA

Malachite Metaphysical Properties
Protects the creative mind from the analytical mind, allowing the artist within oneself to flourish. The bands in malachite provide protection for creative ideas. Brings calmness and balance. Birthstone May. Originates from Africa, North & South America.

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