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GIA Certified Gemstones

Enjoy your new, genuine gemstone jewelry. Know that it is uniquely yours, since no two stones are alike! Naturally beautiful, gems and shells will vary ~its Mother Nature’s fingerprint on your piece to treasure.

Discover authentic Turquoise Jewelry designs. Turquoise has long been considered a sacred stone used by indigenous peoples in the Americas to bless newborn babies, protect warriors in battle and connect people to the sky and rain gods. At American West Jewelry, we honor this legacy with 100%-genuine turquoise stones.

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In recent years green turquoise has become highly sought after for its rare color and matrix formations.
  • "Wanted to buy Turquoise on a road trip through the Southwest; couldn’t find anything I liked within budget. Came home & ordered from American West Jewelry…absolutely LOVE it!!!"
    - Mary C., American West Jewelry Collector
  • "This Sleeping Beauty cuff is so gorgeous! The stones are very substantial and perfectly matched in a true Robin's egg blue. The silver work is expertly crafted and the design enhances the stones so beautifully. It is a true work of art!"
    - Kathleen C., American West Jewelry Collector
  • "Love it! This ring has to be one of my top favorites, of my American West jewelry. The turquoise is very unique and beautiful. And the size is perfect..."
    - Kimberlee S., American West Jewelry Collector
  • "Beauty! I love this necklace. The weight is perfect for me. And I always receive compliments when I wear it. Also purchased the Santa Fe Sunrise version of this necklace."
    - Cynthia J., American West Jewelry Collector


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We are your trusted source for turquoise. Our gemstones are certified by the Gemological Institute of America. Genuine turquoise ranges in color from Olive-Green to blue green to blue. From vibrant, light colors to dark turquoise, the diversity of shades assures you of our gemstones' authenticity and presents you with options for genuine turquoises jewelry that matches your tastes and preferences. Real turquoise will always be unique, and there are many turquoise colors - it's important for you to know that you are purchasing something real for you and your loved ones to treasure forever.

Turquoise achieves its spectrum of colors, from sky blue to olive green, through a combination of copper, aluminum and phosphorus. The often-dramatic matrix and inclusions in our genuine stones are a result of quartz, pyrite, sandstone and other "host materials" in the surrounding area where the stones are formed. From turquoise pendants to turquoise stone rings, our gemstones are set in materials like sterling silver to accentuate the natural luster and color of the turquoise and produce a dramatic contrast.

Most of our gemstones of green and blue Turquoise are stabilized for you, since the mineral content may weaken it. This is the most common treatment of turquoise to strengthen the stone with clear resin. It will also enhance the color and prevent the natural color from changing color over time. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise from the mine in Globe, Arizona is very pure, natural blue turquoise without mineral content, so it does not require stabilization. Enjoy the gift of Mother Nature, earthy green and sky blue turquoise to make a classic Southwest and Western Cowgirl statement.  

  • Blue Turquoise: It was first found in Persia, and has since been found in pockets, or veins, around the world, including some American mines. Blue turquoise forms when its host rock contains a high level of copper. For this reason, the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona, which is surrounded by copper mines, is best known for its clear blue turquoise

  • Sleeping Beauty Turquoise:The sky-blue Sleeping Beauty stones display a vibrant hue that has been coveted as the epitome of turquoise since the stone's discovery. Legend has it that when the wind whistles through the canyon it is searching for this sky stone. The now-closed Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine, in Arizona, was long heralded for its Robin's egg blue stones that contain so few matrices that it is virtually flawless in appearance.

  • Green Turquoise: It is found in parts of the American Southwest, as well as in parts of Asia and the Middle East. Green turquoise is created when there is a higher level of aluminum than copper, or when zinc or iron replaces the aluminum entirely. In recent years green turquoise has become highly sought after for its rare color and matrix formations.

  • Kingman Turquoise: The Kingman Turquoise Mine, in Arizona, is one of the oldest turquoise mines in America. It was discovered more than 1000 years ago by the Indigenous peoples of the area. The mine is known for producing many variations of stones, from sky blue to green, and containing striking matrices that make each stone rich in character and uniqueness. This mine has been the biggest supplier of turquoise to Southwestern jewelry in history.


At American West Jewelry we honor this turquoise jewelry legacy with all 100% genuine turquoise stones. When designing our Sleeping Beauty Turquoise jewelry, we take great pride in finding stones as unique as our jewelry and the collectors that wear it. Each one-of-a-kind genuine turquoise stone is tested and certified by the Gemological Institute of America to guarantee its quality and authenticity. While we may be best known for our striking Southwestern jewelry and authentic turquoise jewelry, we also craft a large selection of breathtaking silver and turquoise jewelry pieces using high-quality blue and green turquoise jewelry stones from around the world.

The sky-blue turquoise jewelry stones display a vibrant hue that has been coveted as the epitome of Western jewelry since the stone’s discovery. Our jewelry accentuates the natural matrix formations in every turquoise, highlighting the unique characteristics that give each stone its distinct appearance. The variety of hues and luster that appear in turquoise isn’t just significant, it’s a factor we hope to highlight and celebrate in our turquoise jewelry. We are proud to carry on the tradition of using this renowned stone in our handcrafted jewelry.

Turquoise necklaces, turquoise cuff bracelets, silver turquoise rings, and Sleeping beauty turquoise earrings have long been thought to bring good fortune and healthy life to those that wear it. Discover unique turquoise stone designs and get great deals in our turquoise jewelry sale. Our Sleeping Beauty Turquoise beads and other Western turquoise jewelry have been enjoyed by collectors the world over. Our turquoise cross necklaces and other blue turquoise beads make a lovely pair alongside a silver turquoise ring or silver, turquoise bracelet.

Our unique collection of turquoise jewelry offers something for everyone, from men’s turquoise jewelry to turquoise rings for women. With options like turquoise stone rings and turquoise gemstone necklaces, there’s sure to be something for you, a loved one, a family member or anyone else who you’re looking for a unique and beautiful gift for. Distinctive colors like green turquoise and dark turquoise pair wonderfully with any outfit and are great for any occasion, like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or your everyday life at the office.

Iconic Santa Fe turquoise jewelry inspires many of our women’s turquoise jewelry and men’s turquoise jewelry designs. Green high end turquoise jewelry has long been used in turquoise fashion jewelry collections alongside turquoise heart jewelry, designer turquoise jewelry, and other artisanal turquoise jewelry designs.

Genuine Turquoise Jewelry

She deserves the very best.