A striking sunset. A brilliant sunrise. Some of the best things in life can only be enjoyed for a short time. The limited-edition jewelry from American West Jewelry is one of those things.  We’re revealing styles from the vault, premiering designs you won’t want to miss. Everything is limited, some more than others, and each and every piece would make the perfect gift for that someone special, including yourself. Free shipping with every order adds even more allure.

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Collectible, iconic designs are what you’ll find in the limited-edition jewelry collection from American West Jewelry. As with all our jewelry, each ring, bracelet, necklace or pair of limited-edition earrings is made by hand in our Albuquerque, New Mexico, studio.

Each piece is also graced with careful craftsmanship, precision and the bold dash of style long associated with the American Southwest. Pieces in the Jewelry Vault are from the timeless treasures collection from Carolyn. Here you’ll find stunning designs and genuine stones, with Sleeping Beauty turquoise one of the most popular in the lineup.

Green variscite, green malachite and pink mother of pearl are also in the vault’s limited-edition jewelry collection, as are the most amazing blue sodalite and picture jasper rings. Sterling silver settings bring another layer of style, with intricate designs in just the right places.

The Fabulous Finds section of our limited-edition jewelry is stocked with pieces featuring new twists on original designs. Here you’re privy to a charming lineup of sterling silver and genuine stones. Gemstones in this category run the gamut from orange carnelian to green malachite, purple quartzite to yellow jasper.

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