Limited Edition Deals on collectible, iconic designs handmade in Albuquerque, New Mexico of the finest quality, unique gemstones, sterling silver and craftsmanship.  We’re revealing styles from the vault and premiering styles you won’t want to miss. Everything is limited, some more than others. Now is the time to enhance your adventurous style!

What could make a better gift or investment than Limited Edition jewelry?  This soon to be Vintage Jewelry was all handcrafted in the Southwest, where sterling jewelry and quality gemstone jewelry is a way of life. The quality of 100% American made jewelry from New Mexico is renowned for its authenticity and craftsmanship. Retro Designs are all storied upon creation, yet those stories continue to form every time they are worn!Our jewelry vault is bursting with classic jewelry and timeless jewelry that will never be recreated. These jewelry classics are a part of our company’s heritage and now can be a part of your personal legacy, or an heirloom gift to a loved one in your life. Explore our Vault releases in sterling silver and stones such as turquoise, red coral, lapis and mother of pearl. Straight from the vault relics make excellent gifts for women who appreciate quality, history and iconic fashion. If you want a piece of jewelry that will start a conversation, these American West jewelry classics are a go-to option. These are also great options for gift giving when the ladies on your list appreciate designs that are more than just jewelry, but rather, wearable art. Handcrafted by artisans and inspired by the history of jewelry making in the Southwest, explore our jewelry from the vault!