Jewelry is already the perfect gift for many, but there’s one way to make it even better – select jewelry gifts with real meaning. You’ll find an incredible selection of American West Jewelry pieces that are crafted with unique stones and symbolic designs so you can gift meaningful jewelry to the dearest people in your life.

Whether you’re shopping for an anniversary, birthday, Mother’s Day, graduation or other milestone event, we make it easy to touch the recipient’s heart with designs from the heart of the Southwest.

Our collection of spirit stones, for instance, features animal-themed jewelry that embodies the wild with custom-carved gemstones. The animal motifs and specific gemstones have symbolic associations, so you can give the gift of spirituality, emotional healing or confidence with one of the spirit stone pieces.

Cross jewelry is among the most popular meaningful gifts because of its messages of love and faith. Pieces featuring turquoise are also popular because turquoise is associated with good health, protection, wisdom, tranquility and enduring love.

American West Jewelry collaborates with Native American designers to bring you a collection of authentic naja enhancers and squash blossom necklaces. This jewelry connects its wearer with the earth and centuries of South American heritage in a bold and stunning way.

No matter which thoughtful gift you choose, you’ll be choosing your jewelry wisely when you order from American West Jewelry. Our pieces are made in the USA with sterling silver and gemstones from around the world. All orders ship for free in a decorative gift box, along with a descriptive insert about your one-of-a-kind jewelry. Browse our extensive collection today to find a gift that will hold a special place in your loved one’s heart for years to come.