You want a bracelet that’s as bold and beautiful as you are – but you don’t want it to be too big or too small. That’s exactly the reason American West Jewelry lets you easily select your just-right bracelet based on bracelet sizes. Shopping bracelets by size makes it extremely easy to find the perfect gift, and you get free shipping on every order over $100.

Best Selling Bracelets

While you want to make a statement with the Southwest bracelets from American West Jewelry, you want that statement to fit. It not only has to fit your style and personality, but it also has to fit your wrist. Some bolder styles may simply be too powerful for smaller wrists, while some of the daintier styles may appear lost on larger wrists. A bracelet size chart can always come to the rescue, and so can a selection of stunning bracelets all organized for you by bracelet sizes.

Before we get into the details of each size, it’s important to note what all our bracelets have in common. Whether you opt for our beaded gemstone bracelets, stretch bead bracelets, cuff bracelets or coil bracelets, you’ll get genuine gemstones, genuine leather and stunning sterling silver. We also use recycled sterling as a way to help protect our environment.

Gemstone and bead colors range from warm carnelian and coral to cool jade, blue lapis lazuli and blue and green turquoise. We use certified genuine turquoise beads and other fine gemstones in all of our designs. Red coral, black agate, white mother of pearl, brown tiger’s eye, blue lapis lazuli and black spinel are just some of the stones used to create our vibrant pieces.

The varied collection of gemstones in our Southwestern jewelry offers something for anyone looking to bring a burst of color into their life.

Another commonality with all the bracelets at American West Jewelry is that they’re made in the U.S . Our sterling silver is recycled and our gemstones are sourced from around the world – although we do have turquoise mined from right here in America.

You’ll also find the finest craftsmanship and precision in every bracelet you meet, along with the highest quality. Our elastic bead bracelets don’t lose their stretch, nor do our silver and beaded coil infinity bracelets lose their shape.

Now we can get into the bracelet sizes. As noted, you can always use a bracelet sizing chart to make sure you’re getting the right fit in the way of inches – but our bracelet sizes go one better. We’ve not only organized the bracelets by the size wrist they fit, but we’ve organized them by the size of the statement they make.

Many of the small bracelet sizes feature smaller gemstones and thinner widths. This is where you’ll find the daintiest selections in our collection, although many of the dainty styles are also available in medium and large bracelet sizes.

Medium-sized bracelets tend to align with the average bracelet size for women. Options in this group include everything from the lighter, thinner styles to the larger, chunkier bracelets with bigger gemstones and beads.

Large, extra-large and extra-extra-large bracelet sizes are where you’ll find the largest gemstones and beads, along with the thickest cuffs and longest beaded clasp bracelets. This is a great category for finding plus size bracelets and men’s bracelet sizes. One-size bracelets also have their own category. They’re designed to fit a wide range of wrists.

Find the perfect fit by browsing by bracelet sizes, and then place your order at American West Jewelry today.