Why Santa Fe is Bucket List Worthy

Why Santa Fe is Bucket List Worthy. August is one of our favorite months because around here it means Indian Market time. For artists and collectors and spectators alike, Indian Market is the two days out of the year when you get to reconnect with old friends, see the incredible pieces of art they have been creating over the last 12 months, and be a part of the 100,000 travelers who converge on the city with one common love in their heart, Native American Art.

So, with the 97th Annual SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market just one month away, we thought we should list what we think are the most important reasons to love Santa Fe. This is among the most beautiful and artistic cities in the world and a destination for anyone interested in art, culture, history and exploration. Whether or not you plan to attend Indian Market, an incredible experience in its own right, a trip to Santa Fe should be a part of everyone’s bucket list. Here’s why.

You don’t have to be an artist to be inspired. Whether you are touring the historic plaza, wandering amongst the galleries on Canyon Road, or exploring a special event like Indian Market, the wealth of picturesque moments will capture your heart and open your imagination. Don’t be surprised to find yourself lost in the way the afternoon light plays against an adobe wall, enchanted by the colorful flair of Native American dancers, or carried away by the neon blaze of a sunset. You’ll find art living in everyone and realize it’s probably living in you, too.

Why Santa Fe is Bucket List Worthy

 Life tastes better here. The food of Santa Fe is almost as delightful as the view. Just the way flavors work together in a perfectly balanced meal, the excellent culinary world of Santa Fe helps form a rounded experience for any visitor’s senses. Try Café Pasqual’s where the organic ingredients and community table create a “just like momma made it” taste and feel for our unique New Mexico food. Or take advantage of the large variety of international cuisine to bite into authentic, mouthwatering African food at Jambo, or dine on the freshest sushi in the west in the Koyoto-styled ambiance of Kohnami. For a modern twist on the historic (something that happens a lot here), La Boca offers an incredible wine selection and Spanish tapas that are reminiscent of old world, if the old world gave out James Beard Awards.

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 History isn’t just living, it’s living on the edge. Everywhere you look history is alive and mixing and mingling with Santa Fe’s diverse and colorful residents, remaining in tact or being reimagined in more creative ways. For example, during the Santa Fe Fiestas, a celebration of Spanish conquest stretching back to the 1600s, you will also find a 50 feet high marionette called Zozobra who is burned in colorful effigy to rid spectators of their sorrows. Or, just as you can enjoy art and architecture dating back to the Anasazi, you can also find the surreal and psychedelic art installation Meow Wolf, which is quickly becoming one of the most popular art experiences in the world. And, just as the oldest house in America exists here, so does the ultra-modern Visual Arts Center designed by Mexico City architect Ricardo Legorreta.

Santa Fe is Bucket List Worthy because of squash blossom necklaces!

So, pack your bags, baby, Santa Fe is calling! And for more information in this year’s Indian Market, visit www.swaia.org.

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