Vintage Classics

Vintage Classics. From mid-century modern furniture to winged eye liner, almost everywhere you look these days you will see #ThrowbackThursday-worthy styles making their way back into the mainstream. One reason for the reappearance of classic looks is that Vintage has a quality that transcends time, keeping certain styles from ever loosing their appeal.

In the spirit of this “retro revolution,” we are proud to introduce our Vintage Looks an ever-evolving assortment of the most beloved and timeless pieces from our American West design vault. With over 40 years of jewelry creation under our belt, we decided it was high time we dusted off a few old pieces and made them available online.


Our belief is that the precious metals and high quality gemstones that we select make every single piece of jewelry that comes from American West more than just an accessory. It is our hope that they are treasured heirlooms that become physical reminders of the important women in our families as they get passed down from mother to daughter, or from friend to friend. There are few things as personal and important to a woman as the jewelry she chooses to adorn herself with, the pieces that compliment her own beauty and carry the imprint of her personal legacy. All this and more we hope to share with you as you browse this exciting new-old collection and find those signature pieces that will become a part of your story.


Happy Trails!

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