Update on our website transition


Hello everyone, we wanted to provide a response to some of the questions/comments we’ve received regarding our new websites, www.carolynpollack.com and www.americanwestjewelry.com.

From the beginning of this process last year, it was always our intent to have a website that was more beautiful, more functional, and easier-to-use than our previous site. Because our data shows that more than half of you (and growing) are browsing our site on a mobile device or tablet, it was also critical for us to improve the mobile browsing experience as well.

Thanks to your feedback and our commitment to constant improvement, we have made many  updates to our new websites in response to this feedback.   Issues that were brought up include:

  • A large number of out-of-stock items.
  • No “view all” function when looking at a particular category of jewelry.
  • Unreliable shopping account logins.
  • “Quick View” did not allow you to see product details.
  • A problematic (and very picky) search function.
  • Order confirmation pages (and emails) were too sparse, and some ended up being flagged as spam.

We are grateful for your patience with us during and throughout this transition! It was our full intention to make things beautiful and easy for our collectors, and we continue to work hard in achieving this goal. We want you to know that we are listening and care very much about your experience with us. Here are some updates on the above items:

  • Out-of-stock items have been removed from our site. From collector feedback, we thought you’d appreciate seeing all the items in a particular collection, even if they aren’t manufactured anymore. Some collectors have even asked for a coffee table book of all the jewelry we’ve ever made! Well, our intention was both unclear and frustrating. When some of you saw a piece you wanted years ago appear on the site, of course you assumed it was available again. We’re sorry for the confusion. Now, stock levels on our jewelry are updated daily, or as a collection sells out.
  • We have added a “view all” function that appears to the right of the ‘Sort By’ menu on a collection page.
  • We have updated the login process for shopping accounts and believe we have fixed this issue.
  • “Quick View” allows you to click and see additional product details.
  • Our search function is at the top of our list, and daily, we are improving the quality of it. Initially, it expected you to know every single number in a lengthy product code, and now it’s being improved to require only a partial item number. We hope to have this functionality completed in a few weeks.. We know that it’s not as good as it should be yet, so we’re working with our web designers to make our search as fabulous as you’ve come to expect from us.
  • We’ve added more detail to our order confirmation page and emails as many of you have requested. With the our new website, some of the email you may get from us could be mistakenly flagged as spam. Check you spam folder and make sure we’re added to your “allowed sender” list.

We have also heard comments on the speed of our mobile site.  The speed of your cellular network will definitely have an effect on how responsive our mobile site is on your phone (as it is with any website on your phone). We assure you that we’ve made every allowance to make sure that the site’s graphics and menus are quick-loading, and we are continuing to test the speed on mobile on cellular and wifi networks, too.

As we’ve said, this was a change we made for you and based on feedback we’ve had from many of you. We want you to know that we work daily to improve the functionality of the site so that it matches the visual beauty that the site already delivers. It’s important that we continue to hear from you, and you are welcome to give us feedback in the comments here on any other hiccups you’ve encountered.

Thank you for your patience, and thank you for being loyal collectors!

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