Giving Tuesday A message from Carolyn

joyous season of giving

Merry Christmas!

This joyous season of giving can also be stressful for many reasons. What do you give to the “one who

has everything”? Will that one hot toy on the top of your grandchild’s list go on sale, or worse, sell out?

Is my house decorated and the perfect menu planned for my gatherings with family and friends? Yes,

these are all holiday dilemmas, but pale in comparison to the real issues facing so many, not only during

the holidays, but throughout the year. While we are all aware of the cost of our holiday feasts rising,

there are so many without food at all. And so many children who should be on the “nice list” don’t

experience the magic of a visit from Santa.


I grew up in a blessed environment. Not in a financial way, my mother raised four children alone with no

child support and working multiple jobs. But love was abundant. My mother’s hands created miracles at

the sewing machine, writing poetry, and cooking on a budget. I experienced immense joy spending time

with my grandmother, aunts, uncles and multiple cousins. Everyone was always welcome, and as

competitive as the board games, football, wiffle ball and kick ball tournaments became, no one left

angry or hungry. Simple acts of love and kindness are the greatest gifts of all.


I love shopping for gifts, wrapping them up with special bows and placing them under the tree, planning

menus, grocery shopping, and creating joyful moments for the ones I love. But I realize this joy is

magnified when I find ways to spread the true spirit of Christmas to others. This is why I am so

passionate about the causes we support at American West Jewelry this season, and throughout the

year. You can learn more by clicking here.


We thank you for joining us in showing our love for children, families and veterans who are experiencing

hardships due to hunger, poverty, homelessness, injury, disabilities, and disease. In the words of Elvis

Presley, “Why can’t every day be like Christmas?” Let’s try.


Thank you, and may God bless you and yours this holiday seasons.


    Carolyn Pollack and the American West Jewelry team

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