This Fourth of July we are doing something revolutionary!!

This Fourth of July we are doing something revolutionary!! This year, rather than presenting our Today’s Special Value in celebration of this great American holiday ONLY on July 4th, we are kicking things off with Rick Domeier at 10pm ET on July 3rd, and celebrating ALL the way through July 8th!! YES, at the Today’s Special Value price!! WOW, what a new way to celebrate! I know you’re all busy celebrating our freedom on July 4th, and I certainly don’t want to take you away from your family and friends. Join me when you have time between your local parade, BBQ , fireworks and other family traditions.

JUST ADDED! An additional HOUR on July 9th!

QVC and American West Jewelry

I am also thrilled to be collaborating with the amazing Denim & Co. team. We’ll be having lots of fun this week on social media, behind the scenes and on air together! However, I do need to fill you in on a secret. This bracelet will NEVER be reordered, so if you love it, GET IT!! OK, I just added some stress, but I think you’ll thank me for it for many holidays to come. Not only is this cuff bracelet a colorful, classic and iconic American designed and crafted piece, but ALL of the shows throughout this event are full of jewelry that I am so proud to present.  I hope that you, your friends, your daughters, your daughters’ friends and generations to come embrace the expressive, iconic style of American West Jewelry! Let’s get together on QVC over this special holiday and keep American iconic style alive!!

God Bless America!




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