Storyteller Tricia English is #AWYou

Storyteller Tricia English is #AWYou. One of the many things New Mexico is rich in, is story. From ancient legends and creation stories, to pioneering westerns, to the unexpected ins and outs of modern daily life, behind every sage brush is a story waiting to be told and heard. Santa Fe-based UNUM Magazine creatrix and Editor-in-Chief Tricia English is on a mission to share as many of these stories as she can, specifically the ones starring a strong, female heroine. Now coming upon her 5th issue, Tricia has a global approach but strives to feature New Mexico women in as much as half of every issue.

Storyteller Tricia English is #AWYou

“UNUM Magazine grew out of my desire to create a platform that highlights diverse women and their stories. I think it really started with knowing that women need women. I truly believe that we can do really amazing things when we support one another, so I wanted to build a platform that does just that,” says Tricia. “I think with the way the world is today, a lot of times, we as women don’t feel like we are good enough to talk about ourselves this way, and if we do we worry other women see it as a threat — so it’s easier to not talk about the great things we are doing. I really wanted to find a way to change that, to celebrate these accomplishments by women and build a sense of community and connection with women around the world. And these are all everyday women doing things that are changing lives and impacting communities. So, UNUM was born.”

Tricia’s professional journey began in product development and business from the Melbourne School of Fashion, and from there she spent most of her life working in the world of visual design, which primed her for her new venture in online publishing. She lives in Santa Fe with her husband and daughter where she single handely publishes UNUM.

While Tricia is an inspirational women in her own right, some of the stories of other New Mexico women that she has share are Nina Yozell-Epstein, who saw a need to bridge the gap between local farmers and chefs, so she started Squash Blossom. Then there is Katelyn Hilburn, who left her work in community action and partnership to focus on opening the first broth bar in Santa Fe, and Liz Macias who has persevered to become the incredible mother, chef, and leader that she is today.


“I am truly inspired by all of the women in every issue. I have been so honored at how open they all have been with me in sharing their own personal stories. Every woman involved is creative, courageous, powerful, and inspiring. As you will read, these are stories of determination, courage, and triumph,” she says. “I would really love to get into small communities around the world to share the stories of women doing incredible work on very close, local levels. My dream is to continue with the global magazine but end each year with a show with speakers from the magazine and across the globe.”

Her dream is coming to fruition. This July 13 UNUM will be having its first show at Design Warehouse in Santa Fe (101 West Marcy Street, 5-7pm) celebrating its first year anniversary. The show, called “One,” will feature a photo exhibition of all 84 women, and their stories, from the magazine, and four of them will be on hand to speak.

Learn more about UNUM Magazine at, and on Instagram/Facebook @unummagazine.


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