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Real Southwestern turquoise jewelry has long been considered a sacred stone used by indigenous peoples in the Americas to bless newborn babies, protect warriors in battles, and connect the people to the sky and rain gods. It is believed to bring good fortune and a healthful life. Turquoise has been in treasured for over 3,000 years, it’s part of our human legacy, used in cultures across the globe from North America, to China, ancient Egypt and beyond. Beyond it’s spiritual and cultural significance, Turquoise is the stone women and men across the world choose to adorn themselves in. It’s vibrant color and personality adds natural, casual elegance to every wardrobe, and enhances every skin tone.

Turquoise Layered Looks

Here in the American Southwest, we are home to this beloved stone.  Mines throughout New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado are each known for their individual, unique characteristics, all part of Mother Earth’s plan. To the turquoise aficionado, each mine produces a signature, unique color and matrix patterning based upon the mineral content of the host rock that surrounds the turquoise vein in the mine. A higher copper presence will result in blue turquoise, a higher iron content will produce green turquoise. The matrix is the result of the host minerals in the mine intermingling with the turquoise as it forms over hundreds of thousands of years. Each genuine turquoise cabochon, bead or nugget is truly a one-of-a-kind gift from Mother Earth.    

At American West Jewelry we honor this gem, and work closely with the Gemological Institute of America, to ensure we offer only genuine turquoise to our collectors. Whether you prefer the clear blue turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona, the blue-green, and spiderweb matrix stones from the Kingman mine in Arizona, or turquoise found in other parts of the world, you can shop our turquoise with confidence.


Turquoise jewelry has been coveted as the epitome of Native American and Southwestern and jewelry for centuries.  We are proud to carry on the tradition of using this renowned stone in our handmade jewelry. This American iconic style has earned its reputation as the perfect statement making accessory to wardrobes from casual, professional, to black-tie and runway. American West turquoise jewelry is genuine, timeless and lasting. Wear your pieces with pride, knowing you have a quality piece of jewelry designed and handmade in Albuquerque, New Mexico, featuring solid sterling silver and genuine turquoise. Guaranteed.

Green Turqouise

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