Headed to QVC for the 4th!

alex montoya at qvc

by Brand Ambassador Alex Montoya

Preparing for a QVC 1rth of July event is so much fun and I look forward to each and every time we bring collectors together to celebrate and connect through jewelry! This event posed some challenges and at the same time brought opportunities we haven’t had at other events. In the past few years, July 4th has become American West Jewelry time at QVC and this year it’s even bigger with our first ever AW collector’s event, an amazing TSV, Live Audience show and the debut of the Jennifer Nettles collection.

Most people have plans during this holiday weekend so we’re grateful for all our collectors taking time during the 4th and 5th to watch the 12 exciting hours we will be live on air. Special thanks to collectors joining us in West Chester, PA. We wouldn’t be where we are and who we are without YOU! Anyone who doesn’t know about our events can find more information on our American West Facebook page at this link.

Our QVC collector events usually happen in February when the weather is cold and conditions unpredictable. I’m excited to see West Chester in July and spend an afternoon in Philadelphia sightseeing. Being a foodie I’m already searching for something special in Philly, so I may end up at Pat’s King of Steaks & Geno’s Steaks, the two famous cheesesteak shops that have been battling for the title “Best Cheesesteak” for over 40 years. For more on cheesesteak here’s a good link.

This trip includes a day at QVC training through the Guest Excellence program that Carolyn was a big part of starting more than 10 years ago. I had the pleasure of going though QVC training in 2012 before being a guest on QVC-UK. This time I have the honor of presenting American West Jewelry with Jennifer Coffey from 3-5 am ET on July 4th! Anyone who has watched Carolyn on QVC knows that nobody does it better. I hope I can be half as good on-air as her!

TSV days can be exhausting and Bill Pollack has often presented during the early morning hours. My heart filled thanks goes out to Bill and Carolyn who have supported me and encouraged me to join them in representing our company and over two hundred crafts people at our design and production studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’ve been very fortunate to have found a wonderful work family and a job that I truly love. I know it’s early in the morning, but I hope you can tune in to QVC to watch some of my first QVC-US show.

Now if you think I’m excited about doing a QVC show, you are right, but it’s going to get even more exciting when our collectors and I get to meet country music star Jennifer Nettles on July 5th! Carolyn and Jennifer have collaborated and American West Jewelry is proud to present the Jennifer Nettles collection during a live studio audience show from 6-8 pm ET, July 5. You won’t want to miss this one.

If you’re anywhere near West Chester, PA. please join us for this exciting weekend. If you can’t be there in person we hope you are watching on your TV, computer, tablet or smart phone!

Have a fantastic 4th of July,


4 thoughts on “Headed to QVC for the 4th!

  1. Harriet Carter says:

    Thank you Alex, Carolyn, Bill, and Deb for a wonderful weekend. This was my first time to meet my fellow collectors (sistas on the porch) face to face and we had a blast. Jennifer Nettles was awesome with both her jewelry and her presentation style. We loved her immediately. Several of her cuffs are are coming home to me, lol. I want to thank everyone for going out of their way to make us feel special. What a truly wonderful team you are. With heartfelt regards, Harriet Carter

    • Alexander Montoya says:

      Hi Harriet, we had a wonderful time and it was great finally meeting you in person. Thank you for making the event so much fun and we totally agree with your comments about Jennifer Nettles.She is a gem!

      Best regards,

    • Alexander Montoya says:

      Hello Diane, 3am ET is a tough time for many people. For me it felt like the middle of the day! I was so excited to be part of the July 4th American West Jewelry event and thrilled that Carolyn and Bill asked me to present. I hope to do it again someday.

      Thanks for your support,

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