Once in a Blue Moon We Get A Little Loony

Once in a Blue Moon We Get A Little Loony. We’re howling at the moon and singing out of tune! This month’s super blue blood moon and total lunar eclipse has us feeling a little, well, loony. And that’s ok, because we’ve decided that all this moon talk is the perfect excuse to layer on our favorite Luna pieces, head to our top moon viewing spot and make all the lunar puns we can think of. It’s lunacy at its most chic.

In New Mexico we are blessed with big horizons and clear skies, making this one of the best moon-gazing location on the planet. A New Mexico bucket list item that everyone should have is watching a full moon rise over White Sands National Park. Yes, it’s best known as the test site for the atomic bomb, but the other worldly feel it creates makes it a breathtaking location for lunar observation.

 A full New Mexico moon is beautiful from absolutely anywhere, but we especially love the drama it creates when it rises over our Sandia Mountains. And the iconic black and white photo that Ansel Adams captured of a full moon over Hernandez, NM, is probably one of our favorite images of all time.

 For those of you that can’t be with us this Wednesday, here is a little sneak peek at our favorite #NMTrue full moon views.



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