New Year, New Website

New Year, New Website. We’ve taken the whole “new year, new you” thing to a new level with the launch of our new American West Jewelry website, and we couldn’t be more excited! After many successful years of building this iconic brand, we are giving it a home of its own and a fresh new look to boot. We believe that jewelry is one of the many fun and creative ways we as humans tell our story.

At AWJ ours is the story of freedom, identity, and legacy in the heart of the American Southwest. Each piece of jewelry is inspired by the colorful cultures and textures of our natural world here.  Each piece is lovingly created by not one or two human hands, but is touched, literally, by a whole team of skilled artists right here at our headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico. From the sketches in Carolyn Pollack’s studio to the recycled silver, every piece of jewelry takes a journey of its own before its new narrative begins with you. Through our new website we hope to help give you a deeper understanding of the exciting world from which your heirloom jewelry comes.

 From its unique culture to its unique landscape, there is nowhere on earth like New Mexico, and that is why American West Jewelry has its own story to tell. Our identity is showcased in the fusion of Spanish, Native American, and Western designs that our collections embrace. Against our large, sprawling horizons where freedom is literally the unbridled ability to roam, statement necklaces, chunky cuffs, big rings and dramatic earrings just make more sense. Our many ghost and living mining towns, such as Silver City and the Turquoise Trail, remind us daily of the ancient legacy of jewelry making in our state, to speak nothing of the fascinating legacy of the state itself.

 Through our this brand-spankin’ new website, we invite you to not only satisfy jewelry jones with us, but to take a trip with us; dive into the culture of the land, touch the texture of this wild, dusty world, and journey into the living history of a place we have been so blessed to call home – for many generations. We are #NMTrue and proud of it!

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