New Year, Beautiful You

New Year, Beautiful You. You don’t need to be new to get our approval, we think you’re perfect just the way you are. You may not know this, but American West Jewelry is a female-owned company with a strong sisterhood of talented women, supported by many extraordinary men, and we know better than anyone the kinds of pressures New Year marketing put on women to change — as if you aren’t good enough just the way you are. Well, just between us, we think that whole “new year, new you” thing is a bunch of bologna.

newyear_aw.pngHere at Team AWJ we do what we do because we believe in the power of jewelry. We believe jewelry can help heal a broken heart, commemorate a special moment, pass down a story from woman to woman, and so much more. Most importantly we believe that jewelry celebrates the beauty of the woman that wears it. Without you, our work is little more than metal and stone. It’s you that transforms our jewelry into something warm, something full of life and legacy. It’s you that makes our jewelry beautiful, not the other way around.

Start off the New Year loving you. Instead of taking stock of everything you want to change about yourself, make a list of everything you love about being you.

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