New Mexico Native American Tribal Feast Days

Native American feast days are a time for tribal members to join together and celebrate their culture, religion, and language. 
Experiencing a feast day in New Mexico is truly a one of a kind experience. The diverse and vibrant Native American living culture continues to thrive while uplifting and honoring the traditions of its ancestors. With 19 pueblos spanning the state, visitors have plenty of opportunities to observe or join in on the unique customs and festivities of feast days as well as enjoy the rich architecture, food, art, and dance of Native American life in the Southwest. 
The feast day and ceremony honor the patron saint of the pueblo, a tradition that began in the 1500s after Spanish settlers arrived. Beliefs held by the Native Americans were preserved and became entwined with those brought by the colonists. Each dance symbolizes a prayer or piece of Native American life and is usually accompanied by the beat of a drum and scent of piñon smoke. In preparation for the festivals, community members will prepare incredible meals to share with tribal members and guests. 
Memorial Day weekend 2017 welcomes the last feast of May at the 27th Annual Jemez Red Rocks Arts and Crafts Show in Jemez Pueblo. Native American artisans, representing over 20 different nations, will display their amazing art to the visiting public, which will be available for purchase during this 3-day event. There will also be Authentic Native foods sold at nearby roadside booths. Local dance groups and performers will entertain us while we enjoy the beautiful art, people, and scenery.
Visitors can find out more about upcoming feast days and the spectacular Native American culture here: 

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