Motherhood: Our Most Precious Story 

Motherhood: Our Most Precious Story. Jewelry shared between women creates a special, unwritten story. This Mother’s Day, we invite you to add to you and your mother’s own unique tale with a surprise that will carry with it a lifetime of meaning.

Mothers are women that are girls at heart, in love with pretty, sparkly things as much now as when they were babies themselves, cooing and groping for their mother’s earrings. Perhaps their own mommas held them in their arms, letting them play with long strands of silver beads and big turquoise rings, amused by their inherent fascination.

And perhaps those same little fingers that were so drawn to the mysterious objects adorning the secret world of women grew into the hands of wise mothers, skilled in the ways of nurturing, loving, forgiving and fixing. Perhaps those hands grew to define the women who then passed on that secret feminine world to their own daughters in the form of coveted rings, bold pendants, and dramatic earrings — the objects that decorate the tools for loving.

Our Earth Spirit Collection is a specially curated group that allows us to gift our mothers with elements from the greatest momma of them all, our Mother Earth. From the designs to the stones themselves, this collection is designed in reverence to the feminine power that makes life on this planet possible. We are excited to share them with you and for the chance to be a part of one of the most precious stories ever told — the story of motherhood.


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