Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! This year Mothers’ Day holds special significance as mommas and grandmas around the world are busier than ever taking care of their little ones during a unique time in history.

As we find ourselves taking comfort in family and appreciating simple things, like hugs, more than ever, we can’t help but appreciate those mothers in our lives who have always found way to brighten our days and make us smile, even in the worst of times.

In our little world here at American West Jewelry, some of us are counting the days until we can give our mother a hug, while others are busy chasing after young ones and counting the days until schools are re-opened, and yet others are counting the days until they get to hold their new baby in their arms. The world keeps turning, even now, and as always, mothers are at the heart of life’s beautiful, funny, strange continuum.

Our belief at American West is that jewelry shared between women creates a story, written on the heart. Now, more than ever, we hope our jewelry is finding its way around the world, connecting women and building solidarity in hope, perseverance, and the strength that comes from making something beautiful of it all.

We’ve brought back some of our favorite Spirit Animals, such as the fish and the bear, as our way of sharing some words of encouragement with all of you. Each animal design represents something different, from Wisdom to Transformation, and the word can be found engraved on its back, where you can keep it close to your heart.

However you choose to celebrate Mothers Day and honor the momma-bears in your life, know that we are there with you, saying “thank you” for making the world a beautiful place to be.


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