Fathers Day Stories, With A Side of Jewelry

Fathers Day Stories, With A Side of Jewelry. Happy Fathers Day Month! In June we honor our men folk in all sorts of different ways. Here at American West Jewelry we’ve put together what we think would make good gifts for dad: Subtle beaded bracelets, masculine cuffs, and bold I-mean-business rings, to name a few. But however you choose to celebrate the guy in your life, we hope you take a moment to think about how he’s shaped your own story, and maybe share with us some of those transformative moments.

As we approach Fathers Day, and I reminisce on the men in my family, it reinforces the belief that we have here at AWJ that jewelry isn’t just an accessory, it’s a conversation that we have with the world. I’m also reminded that jewelry isn’t just a story that belongs to us women – the exchange of jewelry between fathers and daughters, husbands and wives, grandfathers and granddaughters has an eloquence all its own. Shop Men’s Jewelry

Fathers Day Stories, With A Side of Jewelry and family

When I was picking out my jewelry this morning, I thought about my dad. For as long as I can remember he and jewelry have been interwoven in my imagination. Had he been born a woman, his jewelry collection would have rivaled even the most dedicated American West collector, but as a brother, husband and a father, his love for jewelry fell onto the lucky ladies in his life.

For every special occasion or holiday, there was a piece of jewelry from dad to go with it. As far as I know, every piece of jewelry he’s ever gifted he wore or carried around on his person for a week or so before hand to “get his juju on it.” Mind you, dad is a cowboy, born and bred, with cowboy roots that go back to old Spain, so his attraction to jewels is something that would surprise most people. At any given time my dad, uncle and aunt are liable to pull a box from under the bed or unfurl a piece of velvet to reveal a cache of jewelry they just couldn’t resist. Little magpies, I call them. However, this inherent and exquisite eye for stones, silversmithing and all-around bling, might be in our blood.

Fathers Day Stories, With A Side of Jewelry and Frank Nestor Dávila.

My grandfather, Frank Nestor Dávila, 95, is a rancher and retired school teacher, but at some point in the 1970s took up silversmithing. I own a few of his beautiful pieces that I was lucky enough to inherit when my grandmother passed away. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to one day learn that my Spanish ancestors were in some way connected with jewelry, as well. Perhaps jewelry is what allowed them to stake their claims in the New World.

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