Enhance Your Necklace Look

Enhance Your Necklace Look! You can never look too good — it’s like being too happy or being too rich, it doesn’t exist! That’s why we want to give you a collection of pendants to enhance your look and make a statement every day of the week, no matter which way the wind is blowing.

We enjoy drawing inspiration from the rugged and wild natural artistry that makes up the Southwest; so, we designed our enhancers with the spring season in mind. In other words, here in New Mexico it can be sunny one minute and rainy the next, so we created a trove of interchangeable sterling silver and gemstone pendants to help us keep up. You know here at Team AWJ we are all about giving you options, so with our collection of enhancers you and your necklace can change your look as often as Mother Nature changes her mind.

 The butterfly enhancer reminds us of a sunny spring morning along the Rio Grande. But, if it gets a little windy come noon, we’re prepared with a larger statement piece – like a naja or cross – to keep us from blowing away. Then, when it clears up at dusk we’re ready to celebrate our big starry sky with a bold diamond design.

 Mix, match, and collect your favorite designs to build a signature collection that fits your own unique weather pattern! It’s what makes #AWYou.

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