Don’t Miss the Show!

Don’t Miss the Show! The countdown is on! Have a sparkling Fourth of July filled with pride, honor and lots of fun!

Join us for 5 shows on QVC and QVC2 featuring all brand new designs inspired by the legends, lifestyle, and lore of the Southwest. Through sterling silver and gemstone jewelry, Carolyn will tell the story of this amazing place and the rich cultures. As always, all of our jewelry is proudly made in the USA, right here in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the heart of the American West!

American West Jewelry celebrates the rich heritage, landscape and cultures of the West through symbols, stories and artisan-inspired designs.

Larna Curllection Fur Blarg

The Southwest is alive with stories, and we at American West Jewelry celebrate it through our designs. This land is a gift to the senses—the vision of evergreens soaring above alpine towns, the smell of dust rising from the rodeo ring, the creative energy of award-winning artists on the plaza in Santa Fe.

This Fourth of July weekend, you’re invited to write your own tale and explore its origins and depths through jewelry. Independence Day is about honoring our country and expressing yourself freely, boldly, and in any way you please!

Let your individuality shine through and explore over 30 new designs to mix and match from American West Jewelry. If you’re a red coral lover, we’ve got you covered. And just wait until you see what we can do with Navajo-inspired amber gemstone designs.

The essence of the landscape is captured in leaf designs that swirl in the Western wind and animal motifs that honor the beauty and splendor of the natural world.

Of course, no genuine gemstone piece is complete without a touch of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise! Plus, it’s never been easier or more elegant to venture out West with brand new leather and mixed metal pieces.


Pair your favorite red, white and blue authentic gems with all new liquid silver to represent the beauty of Southwest style and tradition.

While true, classic Americana fashion is always changing and evolving, it never goes out of style!

If that weren’t enough, ALL designs are available on Easy Pay!

It’s time to celebrate! Show times are:

Sunday, July 2nd 1-3am ET on QVC

Sunday, July 2nd 9pm-11pm ET on QVC

Monday, July 3rd 9pm-10pm ET on QVC2

Tuesday, July 4th 7pm-9pm on QVC2

Wednesday, July 5th 10am-12pm QVC

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