Bring Home the Buffalo

Bring Home the Buffalo. A white buffalo is among the most sacred living things on earth for those whose indigenous homeland stretches across the American Great Planes. These precious creatures are a symbol of White Buffalo Calf Woman, who brought the people the scared pipe, along with hope and the essence of life.


It is her wisdom that reminds us that: ““When one sits in the Hoop of the People, one must be responsible, because all of Creation is related, and the hurt of one is the hurt of all, and the honor of one is the honor of all.”

The four colors of the medicine wheel— red, white, black and yellow — can also be traced to the story of White Buffalo Calf Woman. After giving the Lakota people instructions how to live in a good way, she transformed herself into a white calf.  As she walked away, she laid down to rest four times, each time becoming a different color that would become the sacred hoop for the Lakota people.


With our world experiencing so many hardships in these last months, and with the holiday season around the corner, it is a good time to reflect on the teachings of White Buffalo Calf Woman, who taught us to love one another and the importance of unity.

In honor of the white buffalo, we’ve brought back our White Buffalo Pendant from the American West archive so you can keep her story close to your heart this season, along with a few curated pieces inspired by the colors of the four directions. We hope you and your loved ones wear them in good health and walk in beauty.


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