Awaken her Sleeping Beauty.

Awaken her Sleeping Beauty. The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Collection from American West Jewelry for Spring showcases the rare and exquisite turquoise in jewelry that is fresh, colorful, sophisticated. Featuring the complex silver handcrafted quality, they are spring’s most wanted: cluster rings, pendants, earrings and ear climbers, cuffs both bold and understated. All feature chic natural beauty, and will elevate any outfit, from casual to a more storied sense of style and adventure.


For 7000 years, turquoise has been a treasured gem dating back to the Egyptians. The deep, vibrant color of Turquoise is popular year-round, but especially bright in the Spring/Summer seasons. The finest quality and most prized turquoise come from the now-closed Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona known for its clear blue color. American West Jewelry appreciates the significance of being honored to work with the last of these rare and beautiful stones, especially since American Southwest handicraft is so important to the company’s heritage. They use only the most skilled, creative artisans to turn them into jewelry that will be appreciated for a lifetime.


For Spring 2016, American West explores nature and florals as a way to express the simplicity, lightness, and the freedom for colorful expression. As Carolyn says about her new Spring pieces, “New jewelry can breathe the life into the classic, timeless pieces of your wardrobe, or inspire you to mix and match in ways things hanging in our closet you never have before! Our Spring Collections can help you transition to your spring wardrobe.”


The entire Sleeping Beauty collection by American West is available online at

American West Jewelry collections can be found in fine jewelry stores, galleries, resorts, and department stores around the United States as well at

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