An Announcement from Carolyn

Dear Friends, over the past several years we have created a wonderful community of jewelry lovers together. I will always cherish our friendship and all of the memories from our gatherings across the country. I am especially touched by the close relationships you have built among our Carolyn Pollack Jewelry community.

Carolyn and some of our wonderful community of jewelry lovers.

Bill and I, along with our Leadership Team, have decided to return to our roots, and to focus on our American West Jewelry brand. Living and working in the beautiful Southwest is very inspiring and fulfilling, keeping our dedicated Design team busy and proud!

Carolyn having fun with QVC model jewelry lovers.

Now is the time to complete your Carolyn Pollack collection as sizes are VERY limited! Going forward, we will be featuring select Carolyn Pollack Limited Edition styles on our American West Jewelry website. This will happen sometime in March. I will also be offering select Carolyn Pollack styles within our American West brand on QVC under the name American West x Carolyn Pollack. This will begin in February. I hope you’ll join me on QVC. We will keep you updated on show times through our emails.

As we enter into this next chapter in our jewelry journey, I look forward to creating many new memories together. Please know that we will remain here for you, and we stand by all of our jewelry.

With Love,
Carolyn Pollack

Carolyn Pollack


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