American West and Jennifer Nettles: Our Collaboration Story

American West and Jennifer Nettles, Our Collaboration Story. Recently, People Magazine’s Style Watch published the story of American West’s collaboration with Jennifer Nettles. In honor of the launch of Jennifer’s collection on, here’s the complete interview:

JN & CP Nashville

Carolyn, why did you want to work with Jennifer?

Caroyn Pollack (CP): I have always been a huge fan, not only of her music, but of Jennifer the person. I love her energy, passion, and positive vibe. She just lights up the room! And I love her natural beauty and style.

How did this fun collaboration come about? 

Jennifer Nettles (JN): Serendipity and the beauty of the Universe. A mutual acquaintance asked if I’d ever been interested in doing a jewelry line as he had a friend who he thought would be a good fit. And it was perfect! 

What are your favorite pieces from the collection? 

JN: My favorite piece is the large cuff with the big, chunky turquoise stones and hammered textured silver. I love this piece and wear it all the time. 

CP: There are so many, but I have a special affinity for her “Believe” necklace, which was the first piece we worked on. It captures Jennifer’s spirit, and the way she inspires people through her work and her words. I just love her! You might notice it was inspired by her tattoo, so it is pretty personal.

How would you style it?

JN: I layer it and stack it with more and wear it with one of my vintage dresses or a simple tank and jeans. The coolest part about this line is that all the pieces can work together for funky, boho-chic layering. 

CP: The great thing about this piece is that it can be sweet and simple, in an understated elegant way, since it is adorned with a little diamond in the star. On the other hand it can be very boho chic layered with other chains and leather pieces. 

carolyn pollack and jennifer nettles

Jennifer, what was the first piece you treated yourself to when you hit it big?

JN: I bought the Kimberly Macdonald rough cut diamond rings that I wore the evening I won my Grammy for writing “Stay”. 

What’s the most sentimental piece in your jewelry box?

JN: I have a beautiful silver ring with an opal stone that was my grandmother’s. I found it one day lying in her cutlery drawer where she had taken it off “when her hands were swollen”. But I honestly think she planted it there for me to find. I cherish it and it is such a cool piece. 

How long have you been designing jewelry, Carolyn?

CP: I’ve been designing jewelry for 21 years, but I actually began designing my clothes as a teenager. My mom is an excellent seamstress, so I guess you would say that experience was my first collaboration!

Now that you’ve worked with Jennifer, would you be open to working with other celebs? 

CP: I always leave myself open to the next great adventure.  However, it would have to be with someone who is as passionate about design as Jennifer, and also has an obviously different style. Right now, I’m looking forward to sitting down with my good friend Jennifer and getting back to work!

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  1. Angelia Brassfield says:

    I love all of your jewelry. My dream piece is your Native American pearl necklace. I have wanted one since the first time I saw you on QVC many years ago. I bought my sister one of your necklaces after my Mother died ten years ago, a beautiful turquoise bead necklace, that my Mother had wanted her to have. My sister loved it and cherishes it. Thank you for this opportunity to win one of your beautiful pieces.

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